Met my Doppelganger, Whiskey!

Mum brought me out one fine morning to meet a new friend! Mum says that we look alike! Though there is an age gap. And we were from the same petshop! According to Whiskey’s owner, most probably we’re related somehow because that shop imports Shelties from one place in Australia!
*sidenote: I was adopted by mum when my previous owners didn’t want me anymore, and they did give mum the receipt and all from when they got me…

While waiting….

Are they here?



I’m the one on the left, obviously. Haha we have almost similar face markings and size! Though I’m fluffier, but Whiskey is still young! Maybe he will grow fluffy like me. Hehehe.

New friend!

Whiskey is such a smart boy! Very good at obedience training! Mum wishes I’d be more like him. Ehh….. I try? But no promises. Hahahahaha =P

How many of your doggies have found their doppelganger?

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