My 3rd Birthday in 2013

It’s my birthday!!

Mango’s first time celebrating his birthday with us last year (Sept 2013)! But did it alone at home cos we didn’t have many dog friends and Echo and Nugget’s mummy was overseas.
Made a little cake for him. By cake, it’s not a regular flour and icing cake. More like a meat ‘cake’. And I made too much. Should never underestimate the amount of meat S$5 can buy you.

The ‘cake’!

Made 2 of these cakes. Total cost was less than S$10 for both! Minced pork, carrots, broccoli and hand mashed potatoes on top as ‘icing’. I hate mashing potatoes. Need to find a more effective way to do it.

Eh…. Snowball… It’s not your birthday?

Haha did a hasty setup to snap some pictures for memory’s sake. Though I kept getting photobombed by the cats.

“Mama? He’s eating my cake!”

Thierry trying to eat some cake too. Anyway the cats loved it.

Thierry looking all “Yummy”

Happy Birthday Mango!

Happy birthday Mango darling! So happy you have entered my life. Though there are times I get really exasperated about your behaviour, you’re still a gem. Many more years to come!! Hopefully you will have more doggy friends by the time your birthday rolls around. HAHAHA.

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