#MyWritingProcess Tour

Ohai! I’ve been invited to take part in the My Writing Process Tour by JX at weliveinaflat.com. Head over to her blog to read about hers!

She’s been blogging for some time about Donna and living in a flat (thus the blog url, obviously), and writes about being a first time dog owner, adopting Donna, having a mongrel as a pet, positive training, and other interesting things I’ve clearly not put much thought into like certain dog behaviours (is lying down a submissive behaviour?).


This is pretty interesting because I’ve actually never done this before (blog tag). And I’m not good at answering questions much. Hurhur. Pardon the boring blog post ahead!

To be a part of the tour, we just need to answer three questions on our blog, then invite some others to join the tour, so here are my answers!:

1. What am I working on?

Only recently have I started documenting Mango’s journey on his own personal space (I’ve been doing it all along on my personal blog) via Instagram and tried Blogger but realised that the WordPress community works better for more interaction with other people. So I’ve recently done all the porting over of posts and have been trying to fix the layout/sidebar/pages/etc. I mostly update via Instagram (@mangothesheltie)

Also, I have a side ‘project’ or baby of sorts – Dogs of Instagram SG. You can read more about why I set it up here. Gist of it is, an online community of Instagram Dogs from Singapore who love to share stuff about dogs regardless of breed, pet events to attend and gatherings/meetups between members!

Group photo during Cookie’s birthday!

The Green Corridor outing!

Sentosa outing!

We even have an ongoing photo challenge! Please head over to our Instagram @dogsofinstasg to find out more!! Featured below is our current running theme.

View this post on Instagram

NEW THEME: Mid Autumn Festival RULES To join, your dog must be residing in Singapore. 1. Follow @dogsofinstasg 2. Join the Facebook group – Dogs of Instagram Singapore (SG). Update your details on the pinned document there. 3. Your Instagram account must be a public account so every one can see your photo for the hash tag theme. 4. Upload a photo of your Singapore dog relevant to the theme. Include this line in the caption – "This is a photo of me celebrating the Mid Autumn Festival for @dogsofinstasg #sgdogsmidautumnfest photo theme. " You can use old photos but the photo must be a repost with the caption. 5. This theme challenge ends 1 September 2014, Monday. Nine photos will be picked and featured from 4 September 2014, Thursday and a new theme will be announced. PRIZE To thank you for being a part of the fun, we have found a couple of sponsors who are giving out a small gift for each theme. This week's kind sponsor @pawmart will give out a dog breed key chain* to 1 selected photo. You can see a photo of the key chains at @pawmart *PawMart.com.sg will provide the relevant dog breed keychain where possible. But should a breed not be represented in their inventory, winner will get his/her choice from their range. **sponsorship of gifts is out of fun, @dogsofinstasg do not profit from the sponsorship. ***pictures may be picked at random for inclusion by the person making these announcements :p but are not indicative of the final 9 pictures picked for feature. Looking forward to seeing pictures of you and your furry buddies! 😀 #dogsofinstasg

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Currently we’re planning our own events within the group for Halloween and Christmas!! Hopefully all goes well!

2. Why do I write what I do?

Mango during his first few days home

I have very bad memory. So blogging is kind of like extra storage for my brain. Things I’ve done, stuff I’ve seen/tried, place I’ve been to. Except in this space, it’s all about things Mango has done/tried/places he’s been to. Our journey together. I don’t want to forget anything with him. He’s my first dog (I have 3 other cats – I will introduce them here too),  so as a first time owner (though not unfamiliar with dogs), everything is a new experience!

Swimming in a dog pool

I love exploring new places we can go to in this tiny little red dot called Singapore. Because in this country, there aren’t many dog-friendly places, so when we find somewhere new, it’s exciting! I will always try to research a place before going, and searching for dog-friendly places (eating establishments/parks/shops) almost always gives me nothing, so to help everyone out there, I hope to explore such places and provide more information! (Does this make sense to you? Sometimes I type gibberish =x )

3. How does my writing process work?

I’m not a very good writer (I may have bored the socks of you by now), so I try to make up the lack of interesting text with pictures.

Mango, Nugget, Echo

My blog posts revolves around stuff we’ve done together, or more like pictures I’ve taken with Mango in them, to document his life. I want to look back in the future and still be able to see pictures when my memory fails me.

I document Mango’s life in pictures and write my posts. I’m trying to explore doing more posts more often, and writing about his adoption process, what we’ve done so far in terms of training, etc. Hopefully I won’t take too long to do so!

So it’s snap photos, edit photos, blog with photos! Hehe

“And how should I steer this thing you put me in…?”

I do have to admit that I’m a procrastinator (which explains this late post, sorry!). And I’m not very funny, although I try to make Mango sound sill

Thank you for sticking around to read this!!!


Next writer in this blog tour:

Cookie is a 2 year old Japanese Spitz, and was adopted by Elin! She is also a first time dog-owner, like me, and documents Cookie’s life. Like cutting his nails for the first time and more recently, measuring his height using toilet rolls! This adorable Cookie will melt your heart!


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