Lycan&Lexie’s Pool Party!

Lycan* & Lexie

2 weekends ago, we were invited to Lycan and Lexie’s birthday pawty! And it was a pool party! You can read more about their pawty on their blog here!!

The siblings, Lycan and Lexie, waiting for their mama to come back from the car.

Mango and Cobie were invited! Bright and early, we went on our way!




Are you coming to join me?


Many wet dogs! Didn’t take many pictures because water and my camera don’t agree much. And not many pictures on the GoPro because…. well, please scroll to the end. Hahahaha.

We even had goodie bags!! A toy and pupcakes and biscuit with a beach theme! So thoughtful!!

Then it was cake time!!!

Lycan: “Is Lexie stealing the cake!?”

Lexie: “No I wasn’t”

Happy birthday cuties!!

Mango had a slice of cake. Hehe. I think it was yummy as all the dogs finished their slices in record time! Thank you for having us!!

I shall leave you with a video I took using the GoPro! Happy wet kisses!!


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