InstaDogs BBQ

Lucky (probably my only decent shot of the night)

Humans decided to have a BBQ 2 nights ago! It was supposed to be for Mid-Autumn (which happened on Monday, 8th September), but even though I brought the lanterns, we didn’t put them up in the end. Guess we’re all too lazy for that.

What we did was, we brought some playpens together with @lifewithlycanlexie to @weliveinaflat‘s place for the BBQ, to cordon an area off for the dogs to stay in safely (without running away once we take our eyes off them). @weliveinaflat has got more photos on her blog here.

“Play area” for the dogs

Play area wasn’t the biggest, but it was enough for the dogs I suppose. Not all the dogs were in there. Mango was in there mostly, but I let him out later to walk around. Used this BBQ to meet dogs! And finally Echo and Nugget get to join us!! Hehe.

Thank you @weliveinaflat and @somewhitecookie for preparing all the food!!

“Maybe they won’t notice me sneaking away…”

Poor Nugget’s face, watching Mango sneak away. Hahaha. Cobie had fun getting attention from everyone. That little imp.

Group photo and a flower!

L>R: @chocbanaa, @kookysheltie, Echo, Nugget, @kanon_boy, @weliveinaflat, @somewhitecookie, Mango, Cobie, Lycan and Lexie (@lifewithlycanlexie). (Instagram handles)

It’s not easy to get a group photo! Here, Jx is trying to get Donna to sit/stay but was concentrating too hard she forgot to squat down. Can you spot all the humans behind? And that arm sticking out from Lucky (@chocbanaa)’s side. Hahaha.

Runaway Cobie and a flailing hand

Just noticed Donna’s face. HAHAHAHAHA. Why the shocked look, my dear?

Guess we have to make do with a group photo without Cobie….

After it got dark, no more pictures! Food food food. Also, @weliveinaflat, @somewhitecookie and @lifewithlycanlexie were awesomely nice and did an advanced birthday for Mango!

Homemade strawberry yoghurt icecream balls, a steak (not pictured) and IQ toys from them! Hehe thank you girls for the advanced birthday! Mango feels very loved.

Overall, it was an enjoyable experience though with the increase in number or dogs, all pawrents need to watch their pups more closely to minimise risk or fights. Kanon and Kooky had a little spat and Kooky went for Mango because he was in the vicinity. No dogs harmed, but it may cause a stressful environment for your dog thereafter. Mango’s a trooper though, he forgets such things pretty fast. Donna also started growling as Echo when Echo didn’t reciprocate her want to play. Long hours outside might also mean that your dog is already very tired by the end of the day, which can lead to shorter tempers. Always watch your dog!

P.S: Mango has been tired out since he came home on Sat night… And it’s Monday already… My dog has a better life than I do.


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