Mango Turns 4!

Happy 4th birthday, Mango!

Today, Mango turns 4! Amazing how time flies. And it felt like yesterday when we celebrated his 3rd birthday.

Top view of cake

So, I made him a cake like last year’s but bigger. And a little different. But still a cake. Will put up the recipe soon! (Update: Recipe here)

More photos after the jump!

“But… I’m also 4!!! What do you mean it’s Mango’s cake?!”

Silly Muffin photobombing. Last year it was Snowball and Thierry, this year Muffin. Haha! But dear cat, you don’t even like the cake. I tried to offer it to you…….. Which explains the lack of cake for you cats.

Is this… for me?

Love that intense stare he has going on.

I don’t like this hat. Get it off!

Took me awhile to set everything up. I need more backgrounds next time. Mango wasn’t interested in wearing the party hat I bought, but is okay with the bowtie. So off the hat goes!

Hehe that’s better

Love this boy. Even though he can’t stop barking at everything when he’s home. The perfect angel outside but the devil unleashed at home. .__.

Over this year from his last birthday, we’ve made plenty of new friends. And hopefully we’ll make more! And we’ll be attending a training class with a positive reinforcement trainer to learn more about how I should handle Mango.

Have also started exploring more places to bring dogs to like The Green Corridor (and again), Punggol Waterway Park, Marina Barrage, Swimming, Dog cafes and more.

Inside the cake

Cake of lean pork, chicken breast, organic baby oats, pumpkin, french beans, carrot smothered in hand-mashed potato. Pink bits are all mashed potato, coloured pink using beetroot juice.

Very interested dog

Nom nom nom

*licks plate clean*

I guess you could say he really liked the cake? Gave him only a slice though. Don’t want him to overdo it. Kept the rest for friends we were going to meet the following day!

I’m thankful for…. This sillyboy who wakes me up at least 30mins before my alarm goes off, just to be let out of the room to pee, then again to come back in. This sillyboy who whines when the car is reversing because he knows it means we’re getting out and “IM SO EGGCITED I NEED TO WHINE”. This sillyboy who is afraid of the cats at home, especially when Muffin blocks his way, on purpose. This sillyboy who is the happiest to see me come home everyday, even if I only went next door for dinner at my grandparents’. This sillyboy who requires at least half an hour to bathe, then another hour to dry every week. This sillyboy who hates baths. This sillyboy who eats almost everything. This sillyboy who is full of love. 😀

Happy birthday to me!

Happy 4th birthday, silly boy! To many more years ahead!


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