@DogsofInstaSG at Punggol Settlement & Happenstance Cafe


We had our first official @DogsofInstaSG meetup 2 Sundays ago at Punggol Settlement! Hazel from LifewithLycanLexie has been bringing them to Punggol Point/Settlement/Jetty (too many names, don’t know which is correct) over the previous few weekends and we decided to hold a meetup there!

We all rented some form of transport from the 2 shops there at Punggol Settlement. One shop has regular bicycles and tricycles with large baskets, the other has some exercise scooter thing. Please check out weliveinaflat for the different kinds of transport and prices.

Read on to find out more about our adventure!


L-R: @jack_the_jrt / @beaniebeanboo / @kookysheltie / @my2dogs2cats / @mangothesheltie / @somewhitecookie / @kanon_boy / @weliveinaflat / @reynerthesheltie / @ritchdawg

Not pictured: @lifewithlycanlexie & @abventuresinwittyland (they ran off too fast)

Photo from SomeWhiteCookie

Started at the red dot, not green, because I forgot to turn the tracking app on at the start.

According to the app, we did about 6.26km. But that is excluding the bit I didn’t record, and the bits I turned around to check on everyone (phone was with @my2dogs2cats). We actually planned to go further, and Google Maps said it was only 4+km…. I have no idea who I should believe. But we were all pooped out (other than @lifewithlycanlexie – they sure have endless energy) by the time we got to the rest point where we turned back.

Photos from there!

Mango and Kooky

Mango: Look! Pretty girl! Kooky: Omg!

Mango: Be cool, Kooky. Kooky: Okay *smile*

Tricycle with basket

There were only 2 such tricycles available for rent that day. I think they have more but rented out. Lifesaver!!! Really saved my life as I had to borrow space for Mango for some parts (dog can’t run much). @somewhitecookie and @kookysheltie shared a tricycle and a bicycle, taking turns. @beaniebeanboo and someone else also did the same I think? Great idea!! But Mango the separation anxiety dog actually jumped off once. =.= When he couldn’t see me. This…. dog…. We need to work on some issues!!!


@ritchdawg sniffing Mango



Nugget @my2dogs2cats

Echo (how nice to be able to fit into a small basket!) @my2dogs2cats





Lexie (@lifewithlycanlexie)

Lycan @lifewithlycanlexie

Abbey @abventuresinwittyland

Witty @abventuresinwittyland

Enjoying the rest with the wind in my fur

Pretty babes!

In @ritchdawg’s trailer

I had to get Mango hitch a ride back in @ritchdawg’s trailer because he was exhausted. Try not to let your dog run for more than it can handle. Also, @somewhitecookie and @kookysheltie joined him in the last leg of the ride back because the basket was a little wobbly. Hope we didn’t break it? And thanks to Ritchie’s papa for the major effort in fetching like 30+kgs worth of dog back.

Returned all the vehicles under 3 hours. Rental for almost all the equipment was buy 2 hours, get 1 hour free. Maybe we should do this again, but take it easy. Hahaha. I sincerely hope everyone had fun. I was too tired to think straight by the end of it. Just sat around on the grass, trying to catch our breaths. And thanks for the lifesaver drink from Reyner’s dad! Saved my life. Hahaha

We finished at about 8.15pm. Decided to head over to Happenstance Cafe with @my2dogs2cats, @somewhitecookie and @kookysheltie for dinner! Starvingggggg

Truffle Fries

Buffalo Wings

Half a broiled/grilled (?) chicken

Weekend special: Buffalo chicken burger.

My tummy was pretty satisfied though on fire from too much buffalo sauce. Hahaha. Went home to sleep like a pig.

Also, I attached my GoPro to the front of the scooter and caught a “timelapse” sort of photo. Should have set it to a picture every 30s instead of 60s. And I found out the battery lasts approximately 2hours if I were to use this function. Zzz. Enjoy!

Also, you might want to read about some of the others who went too!
LifewithLycanLexie – And We Ran Like The Wind
SomeWhiteCookie – Cycling Day At Punggol
WeLiveInAFlat – Cycling with dog at Punggol Settlement

14 thoughts on “@DogsofInstaSG at Punggol Settlement & Happenstance Cafe

  1. This looks really fun! I don’t know how to ride a bicycle so the tricycle is perfect for me. Wish they have something similar here, perhaps I can finally tire QQ out…


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