Happy Halloween from Count Mangola!

Ohai dere!

Happy Halloween! Mango’s wearing a handmade cape! Inspired from MimiandTara, who uploads dog outfit patterns for pawrents to D.I.Y at home!! Especially when your dog is not a small dog….. It’s so difficult to buy an outfit! We modified her version a little, instead of velcro at the neck with a charm, we used a red ribbon!

Out of focus (oof) but love that judgy expression heh

This was also his outfit for the Dogs of Instagram Halloween Picnic. I didn’t let him wear it too early because of the hot weather… by the time I put it on for him, the sun has set. So…. No pictures of him in his outfit that day, so I came back to take some photos instead!

I van zum treatz nao.



Sitting like a ladyyyyyy

“Whaddya mean we’re not trick or treating?! I’m all dressed up!”

We didn’t go out today but went out for a picnic last Saturday! Stay tuned for that post! Coming right up!

Happy Halloween!!! So how did your dog spend Halloween? Share with us!

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