Happy 2nd Gotcha/Adoption Day!

Another year has gone by in the blink of an eye. As of today, I’ve had Mango for 2 years!! Wow.

Okay, the year in pictures. Also, this serves as a summary for Mango’s entire year! #justnice



Mango started getting fluffier this year. Like “POOF”! Last year, he was just growing out that short coat from when I got him. This year, I think his fur has pretty much reached it’s peak. So…. 2 years to get back a Sheltie’s fur if you shave it down? I didn’t shave him, his previous family did. Technically it wasn’t a shave…? It was just really really short.

Fur progress

Last year, we started with the above photo. This year, the bottom photo. Quite an improvement when you compare them side by side, yes?

There’s a ton of photos for the whole year, so click on and load them all! You’ve been warned!

24/01/14 – “Draw me like one of your French girls”

Haha I love the above photo. Also posted in one of the Wordless Wednesdays entries.


16/02/14 – The Green Corridor

Went to The Green Corridor for the first time! Loved the photos there. Read more in this entry.


02/03/14 – Pet Expo. Photo by Furry Photos

Went to the Pet Expo – a really huge fair of pet stuff – and got our pictures taken at the photobooth by Furry Photos!


07/04/14 – Wet Dog

Went swimming a few times at the doggy pool in April, but not many photos. Haha.

27/04/14 – Sentosa!

Also, brought them (Mango, Echo and Nugget) to Tanjong Beach at Sentosa for swims!


May – Met Whiskey!

Met Whiskey who I thought looked a lot like Mango. Turned out that they were from the same pet store (I didn’t buy him. His prev owner gave me his receipt from the store), and most probably from the same breeder! Which meant they might be related. Hehe. Read about it here.

21st May – Started Mango’s own Instagram account!


05/06/14 – Mug Shot

View this post on Instagram

#MangoGoesToTheBeach: I'm on a boat!

A post shared by Mango The Sheltie (@mangothesheltie) on

14/06/14 – Bought a boat!

22/6/14 – Punggol Stables

22/6/14 – Lone Tree in Punggol

Would definitely love to go again. Blog post here for details.


05/07/14 – At Some White Cookie’s Birthday Party

05/07/14 – Some White Cookie’s Birthday Party!

Got invited to a doggy birthday party for the first time! Thank you Some White Cookie! Read about it here.


09/08/14 – National Day!

09/08/14 – The Green Corridor

Went to The Green Corridor again, this time with new friends! Read more about it here.

10/08/14 – Sentosa

Went to Sentosa with some new friends made via Instagram!

10/08/14 – Not so happy Mango on the Happy Fish

11/8/14 – Happenstance Cafe

Went to a new dog cafe – Happenstance Cafe. Read about it here!

19/08/14 – Taught Mango how to “Perch” on an arm. Neat trick to acting cute hehe.


30/8/14 – Mango at a Pool Party!

Got invited to Lycan&Lexie’s Birthday Pool Party! Mango had fun running around the pool. Haha. He prefers the sea than the pool though.

31/08/14 – Progress Shots

More progress comparison shots. I love doing these because we don’t notice changes unless we actually compare the old photos. And his standing stance is more confident now. 😀


13/09/14 – @DogsofInstaSG BBQ!

Did a mini meet-up with some of the Instadogs for a BBQ! Superb fun, read about it here!

21/9/14 – 1st official event for @DogsofInstaSG!

@DogsofInstaSG had our 1st official meetup!! Made some new friends too!


23/9/14 – Mango’s 4th Birthday

Celebrated Mango’s birthday for the 2nd time since I’ve got him! Made him a cake!

23/9/14 – Sun Ray Cafe

Spent his actual birthday at Sun Ray Cafe with my bf and Cobie. Hehe.


05/10/14 – National Geographic’s Free Pet Shop Event

05/10/14 – Photo by Furry Photos

18/10/14 – Wagging Rights

Got invited to Wagging Rights’ shop opening! Mango had so much fun that day.

25/10/14 – Mango and Cobie at the Halloween Picnic

25/10/14 – Halloween Picnic group photo!

@DogsofInstaSG’s 2nd official event, a Halloween Picnic with the doggies! This time round, so many humans and dogs turned up, it was awesome!

30/10/14 – Count Mangola

Made this Count Dracula cape for Mango for the Halloween Picnic but he didn’t get to wear it for long because the weather was too hot. Haha. Wear it at home instead!


01/11/14 – First Training Class!

Officially signed Mango up for training class! Signed up with Pup Pup ‘N’ Away, a trainer who uses Positive Reinforcement! Read about his training journey so far here!

11/11/14 – Them Eyes

17/11/14 – 2nd training class!

17/11/14 – Mango and Foobler!

23/11/14 – Lor Halus Wetland

28/11/14 – Mango, Echo and Nugget.

Brought Mango, Echo and Nugget to Orchard Road to take photos with the Christmas Light Up! Tiring, but fun.


07/12/14 – Mango the Party Animal

Hosted @DogsofInstaSG’s Christmas Party alongside @WeLiveInAFlat, @LifeWithLycanLexie and @SomeWhiteCookie.

13/12/14 – 3rd Training Class!

25/12/14 – Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

27/12/14 – Visiting the newly opened Ah B Cafe!

27/12/14 – Having a salmon burger from Pawlicious

27/12/14 – Salmon dinner from Pawlicious as a Gotcha Day treat!

Over the course of this year, I felt that Mango grew in personality. Last year, we were getting to know each other, and trying to condition him out of his shy shell. This year, same thing about the shy shell, but I feel that we’ve made great improvements! For one, he’s no longer very shy in a new place! Willing to go up to new dogs to sniff and say hello in a dog cafe, instead of hiding under the table the whole time and pretending he didn’t exist. Also, he’s more open to learning to like things he used to dislike, like weird toys that make loud noises/erratic movements as shown in the Foobler entry. Friends say he doesn’t need to attend any more training as he’s a pretty well-behaved dog to them. To me, I feel that he could be more confident. I want him to shine. I want him to love learning new things, love seeing new things, or just simply, love new things. Be open to new experiences.

This year, we made many new friends. Am very thankful for that too, as we now have a larger group of doggy friends to meet, a wider variety of dog breeds. And we’ve discovered so many new things to do on this tiny little island! Though we may not share it here on time, but you can always head over to Mango’s Instagram, which is updated regularly to find out what we’re up to. Thank you all who have been so nice to us!

27/12/14 – Heehee

All in all, I’m really grateful what 2014 has given to us. May 2015 be even better!

Happy 2nd Gotcha Day, Mango! xoxo

7 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Gotcha/Adoption Day!

  1. HAPPY HAPPY SECOND GOTCHA DAY!! Ohhhh myyyyy the transformation is AMAZING!! What I love the most is seeing how HAPPY Mango is! We love your bloggie and we LOVE following you on Instagram! (when we make an appearance lol)……….love from your Sheltie pal, Dakota


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