Dressing the dogs

Cobie the pretty girl.

Sometimes I kind of wished I had a smaller dog. It’s so much easier to get clothes for dogs in smaller sizes. But I wouldn’t trade Mango for anything. Still, I could try to get some clothes in Mango-size somehow! Or dress my friends’ dogs. HAHA!

“Erm help please? I’m getting eaten”

Found a lion outfit that could fit Mango at Paw Pet-radise Cafe! They’re carrying some of the outfits by  Dressapets, a local dog clothing store. Currently, Paw Pet carries some sizing for larger dogs! Didn’t see any when I searched Dressapets’ online store though.

More photos after the jump!

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Who's this little lion?

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My little lion!


So macho

“Ohai! Am I handsome?”

SomeWhiteCookie came over to play with the cats on Saturday and we did a mini shoot for him too in the lion outfit! Super adorable.


“I’m fabulous”

“It’s never too late to celebrate Christmas!”

I like buying hairbands/headgear for humans and putting them on the dogs. They look absolutely silly. Haha! Don’t worry, the accessories and clothes stay on the dogs for no more than 10mins, just for photo taking. They’re already so furry, they don’t need clothes to keep warm.

Mr Fluffy Lion

So fluffehhhhh!

Bad boy look?

“Are you done yet…?”

Love the photos of Mango in the lion suit. New desktop wallpapers for me!

“I’m just going to snuggle and sleep here…..”

Hope these amatuer photos helped you smile today! 😀

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