Dog-friendly Cafe – Ah B Cafe

Ah B Cafe is located within Sunny Heights in the Bukit Timah area. Not exactly a place to go if you down have your own transport, because getting a cab around the area is a little difficult, unless you book one.

That said, I (human) have been extremely excited to visit ever since I heard that a cafe was opening at this location! Some background: Sunny Heights used to be another dog-friendly establishment and I used to frequent the previous dog cafe. So, much excitement when I heard that a new dog-friendly cafe was opening in the area! (Also because it’s really a very easy straightforward drive and FREE parking!!!)

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Ah B Cafe is located inside Sunny Heights


Since it’s opening on 24th Dec 2014, we’ve been here 3 times already! Love the platform area in the left back of the photo. Beanbags!

“Hello, may I take your order please?”

It’s a lovely place to be when it’s quieter. First 2 times we were there, there weren’t many people, so it was quite peaceful. The last time we went, there was an adoption drive/flea market going on by Gentle Paws, so it was massively crowded. And some dogs……… can’t stop barking inside the cafe. My eardrums…. T_T Otherwise, there’s outdoors seating! Enclosed space shared with the dog bakery next door! Also good if you’re bringing the dogs for a swim at Sunny Heights’ pools then heading over to the cafe.

Sencha in an interesting tea leaves holder ($6.50)

Order your food at the counter and collect your drinks at the side.

*note: currently accepts only cash, so please bring enough unless you are ready to walk to The Grandstand which is not very near yet not very far away (maybe 10-15mins walk away)

Ah B Burger (Chicken or pork) (Burger $10.80 / Set with fries, veg, soft drink $14.80)

Not a big fan of the burger though. 3 of us ordered 3 sets…. and… we didn’t exactly love it? Maybe the buns should have been fried or something.

Teriyaki Chicken ($18.80)

I liked this teriyaki chicken. The fruit salad at the side was a surprisingly good one. And the mash. Yum! But a little pricey. 😦

Lava Cake with Ice cream ($7)

One thing, the food selection is really really limited. But this Lava Cake really makes up for it. It’s made from scratch per order, so there’s a 20min wait before you can sink your spoon into this little plate of heaven.

Worried Mango on the beanbag. Not a fan of heights.

Went there on 3 occasions with somewhitecookie, my2cats2dogs and lifewithlycanlexie.

Space-wise, it’s a pretty big area, as compared to most dog cafes in Singapore. Downside is that there are tables right in the middle, so you get some blind spots when you dog runs around. And the platform is not ideal if you have table-surfing dogs.

“Care to spare this poor dog some food off your plate?”

Nugget / Echo / Cookie / Cookie eyeing food.

“Sure you’re not giving me some of that?”

So fluffeh

Unhappy couple award.

Overall, I love the place. It’s pretty good to chill out (when there’s not much crowds), space is good (when there aren’t many people/dogs), the lava cake is to die for and the dogs have fun. Seating (when there’s a full house) could be better managed though, but most of the staff are friendly and willing to help you look out for a seat. But there has got to be a better way, perhaps? Still a young cafe, so there should be improvements done in time to come.


Ah B Cafe (Facebook Page)

Address: Sunny Heights, 110 Turf Club Road, Bukit Timah, Singapore 288000

Tel: –

Opening hours:
Tue – Fri: 13:30 – 21:00
Sat: 12:00 – 21:00
Sun: 12:00 – 19:00
Closed on Mondays

Human food only. Dog food can be bought from dog bakery next door.

Free parking within Sunny Heights, outside Sunny Heights, or at the nearby The Grandstand.

We’ll be back for more!!

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