Island Hopping: St John’s Island & Kusu Island

Kusu Island

One of the item’s on my to-do list was to leave the country with dog in tow. We didn’t leave Singapore, but we did leave the mainland and even had to take a boat to get there! Saw polarthecurious‘ Instagram photo and decided to ask and do my homework!

Checked with the ferry services and they gave me the green light! So bf and I went with Mango on my birthday on a weekday! You have to have dog leashed/at the back of boat (or according to Polar who took a bigger boat a weekend, the upper deck).

Follow me on my little adventure after the jump!


The weather wasn’t the best that day though. So waters were a little choppier and the ride took longer than expected. But we did it! Heard that there are usually quite a few dogs on board the ferry on weekends, but it was just us that day! Maybe because the weather wasn’t too ideal anyway.

Happy Mango

The staff at the counter where we got the tickets were very nice. Also, the ferry operators were so friendly! Everyone was smiling and waving at Mango.

St John’s Island

The ferry goes to St John’s Island first, then to Kusu Island. I was actually more interested in St John’s island, but we couldn’t stay long enough to explore the place as ferry services on weekdays were really limited.

So we did what we could: take a photo that “we were here” and hopped on to Kusu Island! Also, it was drizzling. Haha. Thank goodness bf knew better and packed an umbrella.

“I was here”

St John’s Island!


“I’m on a boat!”

Most of the passengers didn’t even noticed there was a dog on board! Haha. Mango was really quiet, lying down mostly. He did really well, because I was expecting him to get sea sick. *I* get sea sick.

Sleeping dog

Quick pit stop at St John’s and head over to Kusu Island! Might want to try staying at St John’s for longer time to walk over to the connecting Lazarus Island for the very beautiful beach lagoon for a swim!

“Welcome to Kusu Island”

It started raining when we were at Kusu Island so we took shelter until the rain eased up. Kusu Island has a temple which is pretty popular. Also, many picnic spots with a swimming lagoon. Much smaller than Lazarus but better developed.


Kusu – A Tortoise Island

Walk walk!


Got back onto the boat and headed back to Singapore after that! All in all, it was a really fun day trip! Would love to be able to bring Mango abroad just for a holiday but I guess international laws a quite a hassle. We shall make do with island trips! Maybe next time we should go to Lazarus for a swim!Ā If only the weather held up though.

Tired wet dog!

That pretty much summed up our little boat ride out of mainland Singapore! Hehe. Fun times for all!

More photos from our trip (in better quality too) are on Facebook!

7 thoughts on “Island Hopping: St John’s Island & Kusu Island

  1. Such an interesting trip!

    I remember camping in St. John’s Island for Sec 2. Camp. But otherwise, I don’t think I ever visiting any of the outlying islands in all 28 years that I lived in Singapore. It’s pretty amazing how having a dog motivates you in exploring places you won’t usually visit on your own!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve never been to St John’s or Kusu before until now! And yes, having a dog has made me discover so many new places to go in Singapore! I do wish we are allowed into more places though. But, this is good so far! I’ve still got a pretty long list of places to explore!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks so much for this article! Iā€™m moving from Berlin to Singapore, and have been so worried about whether my dog will have fun there!


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