Online Pet Store: KohePets

Screenshot of Kohepet’s landing page and point system

So…. I went online shopping at Kohepets. This has got to be one of my vices. Online shopping is so easy! Just add to cart, check them out and wait for them to appear at your doorstep! It’s like receiving presents! (that I paid for HAHA)

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What I liked:

  • Good Service They called me up within the same day after I ordered to inform me that one of the items I chose was out of stock and very kindly helped to suggest a similar item. Service staff was nice, I like. I’m a returning customer if your service is good.
  • VERY fast delivery! Love this aspect. Delivery was VERY speedy!
  • FREE delivery for orders above S$60! Not a very large amount to qualify for free delivery! Just a large bag of kibbles will qualify for free delivery plus it’s speedy! Good if you ever run out of food and need it urgently. Haha!
  • Payment methods include: Paypal and Cash on Delivery Good to have payment via card and cash.
  • Point system I spent over $100, which meant per $1 spent, I get 2 points! I have more than 200 points right now. And the points do not expire! Love it.
  • Quick restocking Checked with them regarding out of stock items, and they said usually stocks are replenished within 2 weeks.
  • Wishlist Love this function. I tend to KIV many things to buy, so I like to put things into my wishlist and review them when I want to purchase.

What I didn’t really like:

  • Website navigation Sometimes it’s a little difficult to navigate and find things, especially when I have no idea what I want (hahaha). Just browsing generally and looking at products I might want to buy. But I have issues with many websites (hahaha), so this is just a pet peeve.
  • Unable to choose delivery slot online during checkout Some other shops (not pet shops) lets you choose a date and/or time frame for delivery. This is to ensure that there would be someone home to receive the package and/or pay the cash on delivery. Implementing this might be difficult, but at least it will save me some guessing time for delivery. Especially when people work. Obviously I would choose something a little later, when I’m home.

My Purchases:

Old VS New Fountain

I’ve been itching to change the water fountain I’ve had for a long time now (bought in May 2012). That’s the Catit Fresh and Clear Water Fountain with Food Bowl 3L (food bowl not used) on the left. I got it originally before I had Mango and only had the 3 cats. 3L was sufficient for 3-4days? Now, water needs to be topped up more frequently at say every 2days. I know water needs to be fresh and changed everyday, but there are days (before any fountain) that the cats actually finished ALL the water in the bowls and…. were thirsty. So I tend to err on the side of caution and have too much water instead of no water. Also, moving water eliminates stale water! And water is filtered through a carbon filter. When I first bought the fountain, I did try comparing products. But back in 2012, there were not many pet water fountains available. I picked it because at that time, it had the largest capacity and the filters were pretty easy to buy from any store. Also, I could visually monitor the water level. The Dogit version is exactly the same, but in red. And weirdly enough, more expensive (at that time, again, back in 2012). Why did I want to change it? The motor started getting loud. Maybe because it’s turned on 24/7? It’s an EXTREME pain to refill + wash. When I travelled for a week and left instructions for my family to help with topping up the water for the pets…. they were stumped. So they drank out of water bowls till I came home. The entire dome needs to be removed to refill. And there are many small grooves/nooks and crannies in the fountain that makes it not an easy thing to wash.

Then I spotted this Godsend at Kohepets. I’ve seen the Catit version (3L) alongside my current fountain, but I don’t want to change to the exact same capacity. It’s more suitable for a single or two dog(s)/cat(s) household, not 4 like mine. It comes in a 6L version!!! You cannot imagine how excited I was. Obviously it went into my cart. So far, I love it. There’s virtually no sound! It only starts to gurgle and make noise when the water’s running low. It’s easy to top up. Just pour water into the top and it will flow into the base! PLUS! It’s a dream to wash!!! There are like…. 4 parts to the whole fountain, excluding the pump. And no weird grooves that a brush/sponge cannot reach! Uses the same filter as the 3L version, which means it’s easy to find the replacement filters too. Only con is that I can’t see the water level. But I found out that all I need to do it turn the power off and just look down the hole in the middle and you can gauge the water level! And did I mention that it’s CHEAPER than my old 3L version? Yepp. BUY IT.

Cloud Star treats (for dogs and cats) and a Cat Shedding Blade

L-R: Cloud Star Chewy Tricky Trainers – Liver / Cloud Star Grain-Free Buddy Biscuits, Tempting Tuna Cat Treats Cloud Star Grain-Free Buddy Biscuits, Turkey & Cheddar Cat Treats / Jw Gripsoft Cat Shedding Blade The shedding blade is suitable for fine textured and long haired cats, best suitable for cats like Thierry (Exotic Shorthair). Works like a dream so far! It’s not easy to find treats that Thierry LOVES. All 3 cats have different preferences. To name a few odd differences:

  • Thierry: Likes soupy food / meat / cheese / weird human food
  • Muffin: Fish. Pork floss. Mostly kibble. LOVES kibble.
  • Snowball: Meat and Fish but dry, not soupy. Also likes prawns.


Happy cat

Imagine my joy when I opened the Cloud Star treats and he came running. Like he knew. Now he comes running when we take the treats out. I might even be able to train this old man (who am I kidding?). The treats are made in the USA, are grain and gluten free, and come in cat-friendly, bite-sized bits!

“mmmmhmmm” – That ultimate look of bliss.

Thierry eating the Cloud Star Tricky Trainers Chewy liver treats for dogs. I try to get treats that both the dog and cats can share safely, so I wouldn’t have to say ‘no’ when either wants some and no need to grapple with 2 bags of treats.

My Overall Opinion:

I liked the overall service and speed of delivery, prices are reasonable and they do carry things that I would buy regularly (like the treats). I’d probably be a returning customer now! I usually shop at the pet megamarts but there are times where I won’t be able to make a run for the store and I’ve ever encountered them running out of the cat food I buy. So… good to know a reliable store I can get my pet supplies from!

Save more!:

Enter discount code “MANGO10” at checkout to receive 10% off your purchase with no minimum spend. Valid till 28th February 2015.

*Disclaimer: This is not an ad, nor is it sponsored. All views are mine alone and products are all fully paid for by me. Kohepets have kindly provided me a discount code for readers, so I shall share it! Sharing is caring!

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