Island Hopping: Coney Island on board Pet Cruise!

When you’re stuck on a little island country called Singapore, where she’s not 100% dog-friendly, you soon run out of things to do or places to go with your dog.

That’s what happens to us, which is why we are always on the hunt for something new to do together (human and dog)! I jumped at the chance of taking Pet Cruise (Website|Facebook)! Specially catered to owners and their canine companions to do something a little different! The other time we got onto a boat was to go island hopping, but that was with the general public, who may or may not like dogs (thankfully we met nice people that day). No fear of that happening on the Pet Cruise!

Welcome aboard!

The private boat can take up to 10 passengers, dogs counted as 1 passenger each. We went with LifewithLycanLexie (4pax), SomeWhiteCookie (2pax), Weliveinaflat (2pax) and us (2pax). And we have 10 passengers! Perfect!

Once we decided on the date and time, we contacted Pet Cruise for a confirmation and the day came to set sail! Much thanks to Pet Cruise for the discounted rate. Boat is docked at a Marina Country Club’s jetty in Punggol. Also, you have to choose the location of where you would like to sail to from their list of destinations. We picked Coney Island because it isn’t opened to the general public yet, so it will be an empty stretch of beach! Would like to go somewhere else next, hopefully (to explore everywhere)!

Come follow us on our adventure! Read on!

Spot Mango and Cookie waiting for us next to the boat!

Things to prepare

For Humans:

  • Wear/bring swimming gear and towels in the event that you want to swim.
  • Extra clothes to change into after the cruise
  • Waterproof housing for phones and cameras
  • Wear slippers/sandals/water resistant footwear
  • Own food/beverage (if you want)
    – Complimentary icebox with ice, bottled water and canned soft drinks provided

For Dogs:

  • Leash, collar, harness. Keep pet leashed while in the club premises.
  • Any pet water toys.
  • Doggie lifejackets available on board (3 sizes available)
  • Towels to wipe dog down after cruise
    – Fresh water available on board to hose dog/human down after cruise!
  • Treats!!

Kind of meant that I lugged many things along. Lucky I could stash most of the things in the car!

“Are we going now, are we going now?”

We met Skipper Joe, who owns the boat, and his assistant, who were both very very friendly and open to answering any questions we had!

Pet Cruise

“Mum don’t forget Lycan and Lexie’s ball k?”

Clearly not too bothered by the moving boat, unlike me.

“This is not my bowl but I shall drink from it”

Lexie keeps hydrated!

The weather was pretty hot, so it was key to keep the dogs hydrated and cool to prevent a heatstroke. Good that the boat has shade.


Passing boats

“Pink is so NOT my color”

Pet life jackets are provided if your dog needs one. Human life jackets also available upon request.

Sailing past Punggol Point

We went past Punggol Point/Punggol Settlement where we cycled at previously.

Coney Island in sight

The boat was moored on the shore and we got off one by one and went to explore the beach!

If you drink… that water must go somewhere… right?

Happy flying dogs.


Boat out at sea, waiting for us.


Wind in his fur

“Just let me lie here. Go on, run along and play”

The beach was full of litter and fish bones, so some careful treading is required. Maybe there will be a cleanup to be done once it is open for public access?

Mandatory tourist shot.

Where will this lead to?

I got off the boat barefooted, so we didn’t attempt to explore the forest. Looked like a fun adventure!

Short video clip of miscellaneous snippets on Coney Island:

After which, we went back on board and headed to an area in the sea where it was safe enough to get into the water for a swim. I hesitated to go in, and finally decided not to in the end, because I was thinking of the massive clean up for both human and dog.

Lycan and Lexie went in with their dad though! Short little swim and off we went back to dock the boat! But not before we all rinsed down with some fresh water on the boat.

“Hi Skipper Joe, please lead us home!”

Tired dogs and weird humans. HAHA

I enjoyed myself pretty much. Maybe because my cleanup was minimal (Mango only got his feet and underbelly wet), and I didn’t get seasick! Awesome!

So… when are we getting on a boat again?

11 thoughts on “Island Hopping: Coney Island on board Pet Cruise!

  1. awesome adventure! we’ve never been out on a boat, but we will be staying on a houseboat for 2 days in June. keeping fingers and toes crossed that QQ and Chyler won’t get seasick!


  2. Hello there,

    Sounds like you guys had fun! I’m intending to bring my sheltie to Coney Island too, and I’ve just got two quick questions: did you guys explore the other portions of Coney Island, and were there issues with bugs/ticks/fleas etc? I’ll put him on an anti-flea/tick spray, but I thought I would just check anyway. Thanks in advance!


    • Hi Joanna! Sorry for the late reply!
      We didn’t really explore the other parts of Coney Island that day, but did go back again on another. So far, we’ve not have any issues with bugs/ticks/fleas, but we did hear about sandflies on the beaches, so be careful! Also, try to go in a bigger group as there are stray dogs/wildlife in the area. Will be safer for you and your sheltie if your group is a little larger. Would be a good idea if you have him on an anti-tick spray..
      Hope this helps!


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