Sun, Sand, Sea

We (Sis and I) brought Mango to the beach 2 Sundays in a row! Bringing a fluffy dog to the beach is a huge headache. Also, on this little island Singapore, there aren’t many clean enough dog-friendly beaches! We frequent Tanjong Beach at Sentosa, a little island off our main island. Sentosa is full of fun themed attractions, spa retreats, resort accomodations, etc. But for us, we go there for the dog-friendly beach! There are 3 beaches, but Tanjong Beach is the most dog-friendly and with lowest human traffic.

Read more after the jump! Picture heavy post.

Clear waters!

Things to bring (for dog):

  • Towel
  • Bowl
  • Water
  • Spare collar + leash you don’t mind getting wet/dirty
  • Treats (I don’t usually bring though, but will be good if your dog responds to food at the beach)
  • Car seat cover

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Good morning!!!

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This car seat cover will save you time from cleaning the car after all that sand!

Happy Mango hitching a ride from Sis

Things to bring (for humans):

  • Change of clothes (we like to swim with him + he doesn’t go in if we don’t)
  • Towel
  • Toiletries
  • Sunblock
  • Water
  • Picnic mat (I always use a disposable table cloth – about $1.20? – no need to wash!)

Trusty disposable tablecloth

Large expanse of sand to run around


Entry by car into Sentosa: $7 per car per entry.

Tip: To save on Sentosa entrance fees if you intend to go often, sign up for the Islander membership card at $25/year ($20/year for renewal)! This membership card has saved me tons as it has unlimited complimentary island admissions via Sentosa Gantry (Drive-in)! Imagine going to Sentosa only 4 times and you’d have covered your membership cost!

Tanjong Beach Carpark:
Weekends: 7am-5pm – $3 (1st 8 hours) / $1/hr thereafter
5.01pm-6.59am – $1 per entry

Why waste a good day?

I love going to the beach, but I hate the aftermath when I get sunburnt. Sunblock is very very important!ย Also, please watch out for heatstroke in your dog. The sun can get pretty scorching!

After going to the beach so many times, Mango has learnt to at least not be afraid of the water anymore! He would swim to us now when we call him. ๐Ÿ˜€

Happy Mango!

The waters have been amazing these few weeks, being very very clear! Low tide is the best time to go (which we discovered), as you can easily access the little island at the back of the above photo. Shorter swim distance!

Sometimes, I bring a boat to ferry the dogs around as not all dogs are comfortable with swimming or swimming long periods of time. So the boat comes in handy.

Initially, Mango was really hesitant about swimming, so the boat was meant for him to rest after swimming for a short while. He became used to water and really enjoys lounging in the boats now! Doesn’t mind water but will still climb onto us when he swims to us.

Dogs in boats are too cute = buy more boats.

Mango has learnt to love the boat!

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Like a boss. #MangoTheSheltie

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I mean, realllyyy love the boat.

Mango can swim, but swimming is optional, right?

King of Rock

Swim swim

“I’m coming to climb onto your back!”

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#MangoGoesToTheBeach: Swim swim!

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Clear waters! Love those paws!

Open Showers a.k.a Dog Washing Station

There’s an open shower along the road at Tanjong Beach, great for us to rinse sand off the dog(s) before heading to the public washroom/bath on the way back to the carpark. No dogs allowed into the public washroom/bath, but there’s an area outside with low taps like the ones in the above picture. Water pressure is a lot lower there though.


With the lack of a hose, we would normally rinse him as much as we can then bring him home for a bath, or book an appointment with his groomer at Wagging Rights then head there after the beach! Which was what we did last week. We went for brunch at Kith @ Quayside Isle (Sentosa Cove)ย before heading to grooming. Normally we would drop him at the groomer’s then go for food.

I would love to bring Mango to the beach every weekend if the weather permits. And if I’m not too lazy to wash all that sand out of him (cons of a fluffy dog). It’s really fun for most dogs there, and it has helped him build up his confidence in swimming (he still doesn’t like pools).

Tired dog = happy dog = happy owners.

Happy Mango!

Hope your weekend was as fun as mine!

9 thoughts on “Sun, Sand, Sea

  1. Great Photos! This looks like so much fun!

    The water over here is way too cold for humans to go in, so although we bring QQ and Chyler to the beach very often, they still don’t know how to swim. I think QQ would be like Mango – he’ll come to us if we are in the water. But because we don’t go in, he’ll only go in as far as he can still feel the sand on his paws and his head is above the water. No matter how much we encourage him, he don’t dare to go further. One day, I might love him enough to put on a wetsuit so I can go in the water to encourage him to swim :p


    • Thank you! It was fun!

      Will the water be warmer in summer? Haha a wetsuit sounds like a good idea! Yeah they seem to require more encouragement from us humans, unlike dogs who take to water really easily! Are there any dog-friendly pools around your area? Hope they will one day learn to love the water!


      • Unfortunately, water on the west coast is cool year round. QQ do like to play with the waves. He runs in and out and splashes around, getting generally wet all over ๐Ÿ™‚

        There are swimming holes, basically small lakes that dogs are allowed to swim in. But humans are generally not encouraged to go in the water. I wish there’s doggie swimming pools with facilities like showers etc where humans and dogs can go in the water together!


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