Rolling Hills and Racing Hearts

Together with Sis, we went on a little exploratory trip! Canterbury Road, Alexandra Arch, Forest Walk, Hort Park, Ah B Cafe in a day!

Saw a picture that stuck with me for awhile here. Mentioned this to @lifewithlycanlexie’s mama and here’s their take on it. I’ve been procrastinating the trip there because of various reasons, but one day, Sis was like “let’s go somewhere!”. And thus we went to explore!

Rolling hills

Really love this scene! Something we don’t get to see much of in land-scarce Singapore. If only we have more of such large expanse of greenery.

Read on for more! *Warning: Picture heavy post!*

Flying fur

Ran around a little on the empty field! Hehe.

My heart-dog

Going up Alexandra Arch from Hort Park’s side

Sis and Mango on Alexandra Arch

“Mum, hurry up!”

Forest Walk

Forest Walk is a 1.3-kilometre long walkway that cuts through about 50 metres through the secondary forest in Telok Blangah Hill Park and connects to Alexandra Arch. The raised walkway with heights ranging from 3 metres to 18 metres brushes the canopy of trees and offers a bird’s-eye view of the forest. (Source)

It’s a beautiful day!

It’s really high up, and the flooring is made of metal grilles. Normally, Mango avoids walking on metal grilles when we’re out. Initially, he was afraid to step onto the walkway and refused to move. So we carried him for a bit to take a look at the walkway, then when we put him down, he just started walking normally! Haha. Silly dog. I think some dogs are afraid to step on grilles because their feet might get stuck in the gaps? But this walkway’s gap isn’t too wide, quite safe for Mango.

Racing hearts (from the height)

Sis and I (and Mango too) aren’t fans of height, so we did a short walk on the walkway and headed back to Hort Park where the car was at. It would be fun to complete the walk if our mode of transport isn’t back at the starting point! :X Furthermore, the weather was a little too hot, so back into the cooler Hort Park before Mango overheats.

Remember to take frequent water breaks!

Swishy Butt™


Explored a little of Hort Park but not the full place because there was some kind of proposal or wedding photoshoot going on. Don’t want to ruin their photos! 😡

Mango x5

Sis came up with the idea for the above picture!
“Can you take pictures of many Mangos along the steps then Photoshop them into one picture?”

Hopeful face

We went down to AhBCafe after the walk to cool down. And eat. ^^”

Cheese Fries

Waffles with ice cream and caramelized banana

Dog-food from Pawlicious next door.

“om nom nom nom”

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Just chillin’


We had fun! Driving, walking, exploring, eating, chilling. All in a day’s work!

Here’s to more explorations! xoxo

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13 thoughts on “Rolling Hills and Racing Hearts

    • Thank you! I didn’t really like the height either, and the walkway goes on for a fair bit, which was why we decided to turn around halfway. Better now than to have to walk then entire length back again!

      I had fun Photoshopping it HAHA!

      I hope to join it more frequently! Is there a rule or guidelines about the hop? I can’t seem to be able to find it. Thanks!!


  1. WOW that looks like a great place to explore. And I’m with you and Mango, no thank you regarding the heights! Sampson is a bit hinky about stepping on grating too, you may be right they are concerned with getting stuck.

    I love that photo with the five Mangos, what a really cool idea.

    Thank you for joining the blog hop.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah! Heights are scary! I’ve always wondered if that was the reason why they avoid it! But dogs with larger paws are less concerned about gratings usually, which led me to that conclusion!

      Thank you! It was quite fun to actualise the idea. 😀

      Hope to join more future hops!


  2. Gorgeous pictures! This looks like a wonderful adventure. I love the picture of Mango looking over his shoulder at you–my Barley girl does the same thing if she gets ahead of me.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Beautiful rolling hills! I never knew Singapore had green fields before 🙂 I’m learning so much more about what Singapore has to offer from your blog.

    The paw ice pop is so cute! Do you know what it’s made of? I have the paw sillicone mold so can maybe try to recreate 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I think with dogs, we tend to try to find more nature, no matter how small a patch of grass it is. We’re still exploring!

      Actually, the paw on a stick is not cold/iced! It’s actually more like pancake texture, and if I remember correctly, it was peanut butter flavoured! Probably baked and had a stick stuck into it, after. Let me know if you try to recreate it!!! Mango liked it pretty much (as you could see from the photos ^^”)


    • Continue down the winding road from the entrance of Hort Park! But it’s quite a distance away along the private houses. A little hard to describe as there’s no real landmark nearby though. Try going for a walk and keep eyes peeled for large open fields!


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