Cycling with a basket full of Mango

Mango: “Yay free ride!”

So we went cycling again (quite some time back)! The last time I blogged about it, was from the very first time we had a gathering and cycled with the dogs. Since then, we’ve been back a few times with different groups of friends for a little cycling. This time, it was just Sis, Mango and I.

Pace is super slow because it included rest time

The chain of the single bike came off, so we had a minor detour back to the shop. After getting everything fixed, off we went! The first 3-4kms were done with Mango running alongside the tricycle. Subsequently, we had Mango in the rear basket of the trike so we could go a little faster.

*Note to self: Maybe start off with dog in basket and get through the crowd near the shops and let dog run along when along Punggol Waterway Park where there’s less traffic so we don’t feel so stressed about going too slowly with the big trike blocking the way.

Happy Mango in the basket!

Cycling is an activity you can do together with your dog. Especially if your dog has higher energy level than you have. Or, in my case, has low energy like me. So to build up some stamina, we do cycling (and jogging sometimes)! Initially I started out by jogging with Mango to get him a little more stamina and get used to running alongside me. We also rented this trike just for the sake of the huge basket it has at the back so he could rest if he couldn’t run anymore. We started with about 3km+ the first time we went, and subsequently he can do about 7km+ now, just at a really slow pace. It’s a slow but steady thing! Press on!

*Do not force your dog to run too much when starting out. Build up stamina and speed over time!

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Cycle cycle!

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Although sometimes we do get lazy from going so slowly that we put him in the basket. ^^”


Stopped for some photos along the way! Much greenery, many loves. 😀

Also, stop frequently for water breaks!


Cycling with your pooch can be a fun activity too! Build some stamina and you could be going further next time!

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25 thoughts on “Cycling with a basket full of Mango

    • Yeah! Not many baskets can fit med-large dogs, so this place that rents it is a Godsend! We can put him into the basket whenever he gets tired and not worry about being too far away from the shop. 😀


    • I think he would rather sit than run, thus cooperating! Haha! Have you tried tiring her out first before putting her in the basket? Maybe when she’s tired enough, she’d be more willing to sit in it!


  1. That looks like a lot of fun! I have short legs so mom never thought about taking me on a bike or run (because she doesn’t!) but the tricycle and basket look really nice! Love Dolly


    • I would think she’ll be able to fit into most bike baskets! Unless yours is really small! Why not try letting her sit in it while the bike is at home and just push the bike around to get her used to the feeling before trying to do it outside? 😀


  2. Biking with your pup is a wonderful way of burning calories together, and the basket does work well to provide some rest time for the tired K9 😉 Looks like Mango had fun riding in it ~ did he never try jumping out?


    • Thank you! He really does enjoying sitting in the basket! He jumped off once the first time we did it as we cycled a little fast, hit a bump and he probably felt a little unstable/unsafe in the basket, thus jumping out. But so far after that first time, we haven’t had any problems with him in the basket!


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