Swimming at The Wagington

Lone Ranger Nugget in the pool

Back in April, we got invited to a little get-together with our Sheltie friends at The Wagington. How do you say no to a Sheltie party? You don’t! So off we went, together with Echo and Nugget (my buddies!).

*Picture heavy post. But many Shelties ahead! šŸ˜‰

Waffles and Tiffany checking the place out

*oops* Waffles fell in!

The pool is pretty deep. Came up to about waist height? Definitely one of the deepest dog pools in Singapore. Only one end had a ledge for the dogs to get out from.

Cabanas for rest at the side of the pool

Currently, they require you to give them a call to make an appointment for the pool before heading down as the pool may be booked for private functions.

Pool rates per dog per hour starts from $18.50. It gets cheaper per dog the more dogs you have. A maximum of 10 dogs may use the pool at any one time, together with 15 humans.

Self-bath and blow-dry is available, prices atĀ $16.50 (small dog), $20.50 (medium dog) and $24.50 (large dog) for blocks of 15 minutes. Personally, I think this price is madness. It costs more to bathe and dry my dog than to swim?!!?

Dry Mango

Mango, Nugget, Echo

Old Man Echo and Chicken Nugget


Little Spirit!

Spirit was probably the only water dog that day. Keep calm and swim on! He’s so big now as compared to this size! Super adorable. BellaĀ his sister from the same litter was also there!


Don’t worry, his mum was right there to help him out. All the dogs were closely watched. Maybe that’s why we didn’t chat very very much. ^^”

Kooky the model

From top: Spirit, Bella, Echo the Seaweed

Echo always looks like a piece of floating seaweed when in water. Hahaha!

Eye spy a GoPro!

I brought the GoPro along to try taking a time lapse video! It was quite interesting actually! Video below!

Can you spot Mango? šŸ˜‰ He doesn’t like swimming in the pool as much as swimming in the sea though. Probably because he knows there’s nowhere I can go in the pool, so he doesn’t have to ‘velcro’ by my side, unlike at the beach/sea.

Group photo! L-R: Zappy / Kooky / Echo (if you can spot him) / Mango / Nugget / Bella / Spirit / Waffles / Tiffany

After which, we tried to get a group photo of all the dogs without their humans. Easier said than done.

“Stay puppies, stay!”

Mango “I’m ready already!”

Where are all the heads?

Echo *stares* “Are we done yet?”

At least we can see them all in this picture

Mango, Echo and Nugget are possibly the only constants

My constant

After which… we promptly gave up. It’s harder to take a group photo than to swim. :X

(Expensive) Bath time!

This tub is really of a good height to wash dogs. If you have the space at home, why not? Or you could maybe build a dedicated sink/tub somewhere in the service yard? An option I may consider but the thought of all the fur clogging the pipes…. *hnnngggghh*

Blow drying!

I wouldn’t actually choose to come here on a regular basis I guess. Cost wise it’s just too high for an hour of swimming + 15mins of bath/blow dry (I takeĀ about 15mins to simply bathe Mango, not inlcuding blow-drying). The place is nice, but Mango doesn’t like pools, so it may be just me who won’t be a regular here I guess? But if your dog is really a water dog with…. short fur, this might be the pool for you.

The WagingtonĀ (Ā Facebook / WebsiteĀ )

Address: 27B Loewen Road Singapore 248850

Tel: 6471 1689

Opening hours:
Mon – Fri: 7:30 –Ā 19:30
Weekends & Public Holidays: 08:30 – 19:30Ā 

For more information, including, services and pricing, pleaseĀ visit http://www.thewagington.com.sg/

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