Happy 5th Birthday, Mango!

Oh hey! Look who’s turning 5 today! This is his 3rd birthday with us! Oh how time flies. (3rd birthday, 4th birthday) As usual, we ‘celebrated’ it at home with a homemade cake.

Birthday boy (dog) and his cake

I like traditions. I’ve been making his very first cake, and I hope I will be making all subsequent ones from now on too. 😀


I really need to find new ways to decorate his cake. Hahaha. Also, blueberries are not blue *stares at @daradeexplorer* I told you so!!! So… purple cake. Need to find out where I can get cornflowers next year!!! I’m determined to make a blue cake. :X

A small slice!

I love the watermelon plate Sis bought! There’s a matching bowl too!

*Om Nom Nom*




Parties aren’t really my thing. Attending one is fun, but planning and hosting one is a pain. And with tiny Singapore shrouded in haze, it’s so difficult to leave the house. *sigh*

Party hat on!

We are still not perfect, we still have many things to work on. Slowly, we’re getting there (hopefully)!


We made many more new friends this year too! Sudden influx of Sheltie friends! Hehe. So nice to see many others like Mango.

*bite gently*

Thank you everyone for sticking around with us all this while!

I’m ever so grateful to have you in my life.

Many many more years to come!!!

Happy 5th birthday, le fruit!

8 thoughts on “Happy 5th Birthday, Mango!

  1. Happy Birthday Mango!

    I need to get the recipe for the birthday cake from you if it doesn’t involve baking! i usually freeze milkshake or yogurt into a cake shape to make birthday cakes for QQ :p


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