Happy 4th Gotcha/Adoption Day

The end of another year. To the start of a greater year.

This 28th Dec marks the 4th one we’ve had Mango with us. As per usual, we’re doing a 12 months in review!

Thing is, I haven’t been blogging much (or at all) this year. I’ve been using Instagram mostly because that’s the easiest and fastest way to do it on the go.

Past years’ entries:
3rd Year – 2015
2nd Year – 2014
1st Year – 2013

As per usual, picture heavy post! You’ve been warned.


1st January 2016

The year started off on a great note with us (and @somewhitecookie) visiting the Christmas Wonderland at Gardens By The Bay to see theย Luminarie light sculptures with the majesticย Spallieraย right behind in the above picture. And many people trying to snap their pictures. Haha.

Then we attended Kooky’s 7th birthday on the 2nd of January! First birthday party of the year, things are looking good already!

Mango and Cobie

These 2 happy faces. This year saw a lot of us bringing them both out together. Cobie is my bf’s family dog.


Got a mini sewing machine as a gift from my colleagues and tried my hand at making bowties! It’s really not easy and it will probably be easier with a slightly heavier duty sewing machine I suppose? Because of the layers of fabric to sew together.

Happy 16th birthday, Thierry!

Then,ย Thierry BossCat turned 16! And decided to join Instagram. Hah! Never too old for technology.

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"What?! It's sunny outside, okay?!"

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Auntie Mango trying to hide from the sun. Hahahaha.


Peeking at me from his pillow fortress

We bought a ton of quite local pillowcases from wheniwasfour to use them for our new sofa, so why not snap a few photos while we’re at it, right? ๐Ÿ˜€

“Get me out of here”

Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese/Lunar New Year came about, and it was time for oranges! And red packets of course.

Spot Mango.

Valentine’s Day gathering! More photos here.

We organised a Vday gathering with some Sheltie friends and made some new friends too! What a nice way to spend Valentine’s Day. ๐Ÿ˜€

Kooky, Zappy, Mango, Waffles, Spirit… and can’t remember the last 2 ^^”

Zappy’s 3rd birthday party! Met up with a lot of Shelties and had fun!

Thierry had his first ever grooming at Bubbly Petz! They have dedicated “Cat Days” on Thursdays and Sundays, where they cater to only cat grooming and only 1 cat is groomed at a time so they will not meet other cats and be stressed out. Really a good idea! Also, Desmond was really good at handling Thierry, which impressed me. I highly recommend them for cat grooming!


Ordered these in January from an artist in Bangkok (@hola.halo) and collected them in March when I went there for a short holiday trip. Too bad she doesn’t do customisation anymore. But lucky me who got it done before she stopped! Really love them all!

Happy 6th Birthdays, Muffin and Snowball!

The 2 girls, Muffin and Snowball, turned 6 in March. Made them the same “cake” as Thierry. Don’t think you can go wrong with this! Just a can of tuna in water, remove the water, crack 1-2 eggs (depending on amount of tuna) and beat the eggs, add to the tuna, stir, bake till brown! The cats love it!

Swimming swimming! I have an absolute love/hate relationship with the beach. Love going, hate the washing. Ughhhh.

And I love how gentle Mango is. โค


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Will this chase your Monday Blues away? ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Went to Lazarus Island on a private hired ferry with a whole bunch of humans and dogs! Organised by @somewhitecookie! So glad the weather turned out awesome. Although I did get sunburnt.

So many Shelties on a raft!

And when my obsession with floats have gone a little too far….


Sis and I spent a little time at the park with Mango and Thierry…

Thierry was supposed to undergo an op to remove a small lump at his gum but blood test results were not ideal, so we didn’t go through it in the end. Some elevation of the kidney values, slight heart murmur and high blood pressure. All these increases the GA risk, so we put it on hold and monitored his kidneys and blood pressure. At his last vet visit in end Nov, the vet said his kidney values are now in the normal range but his blood pressure was still a little high (but still lower than the one taken in April). :/


How I wished it was so easy to bring cats out of the house.

Gloomy swim day!

But happy dog

Went to Sentosa quite a few times this year for swims! Mango got more comfortable with swimming (though he still doesn’t swim without me in the water).


Cody got a unicorn float! That certainly caught the attention of many beach-goers. Met up with Cody and his Jiejie (Sister in Mandarin) quite a few times this year!! Cody and Mango’s personalities are really really very similar.

Cobie, Mango, Nugget. Echo, Cody, Crystal

Marina Barrage! The Singapore skyline is quite pretty, yes? Although, eyes on the dogs!

Someone is exceptionally happy

Green Corridor with Waffles, Cody, Cobie and Mango

Explored another portion of The Green Corridor with this gang. The government has plans to… revamp the space? Quite sad about this though. It’s an untouched portion of nature, and it’s going to become another human populated/urbanized space. What happened to leaving nature alone? There already aren’t many places for us to take long walks with our dogs in Singapore….

Mango tried learning how to make bazhang from Grandma this year. It’s a glutinous rice dumpling with meat filling. We made some dog-friendly ones last year, and made the same ones again this year. How could we leave Mango out if he tried to learn so intently, right? Hahahaha.

Lorong Halus Bridge

Cycling with Marley, Cody and Mango. With my brother, Pw and Vivian (Cody’s Jiejie). The weather was really good!


Happy face on a wobble board

Was invited to the opening of The Positive Academy, which uses 100% force free training (Positive Reinforcement) for their doggy day school. Nice place, though quite out of the way for us. If you’re looking for a force free training school, you might want to consider them.

Took Mango a few tries before he happily got onto the wobble board (with me keeping it in place). So proud of this boy! To think he wouldn’t even go near an unstable thing in the past.

Cody, Crystal, Mango, Cobie, Zappy, Spirit, Kooky

Picnic at Sembawang Park! Smal gathering for the dogs to run around on the open field. Quiet place, but again, quite out of the way for us.

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When you have too many toys……..

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When you try to do a “stock take” of the number of toys and realize you’ve gone too far with them…. Did I mention that Mango doesn’t destroy toys? Which is a problem when there’re so many toys to buy!!! #gentledogproblems


Blur but I love this happy picture!

Love love love it when we find spaces to run around at.

Bandana from Unleash the Hounds

Went to another open field one evening for a mini picnic with bf, Mango and Cobie. Love how quiet it was, but got bitten by mosquitoes. *sigh* Although the golden hour did give us pretty amazing pictures!

Mango and I

Took a day trip around Bishan Park with my friend Amanda toย help her with a crash course on her new camera. Love the above photo!


Aaaaand… Pokemon landed in Singapore! We spent quite a few days/nights out at popular locations with Mango in tow, because those are mostly parks, and why not walk together while catching some pocket monsters, right?

“Donut toy with me, mum”

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Happy #tongueouttuesday!

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Chinese/Japanese Garden to… catch Pokemon.

Was invited to Riley’s 3rd birthday! As usual, the food for both humans and dogs were awesome! Mango and Cobie got to sniff tons of dogs….

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Hehe fun time!

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… and play on the playground! I love going to Wagging Rights for their grooming. Would love to be able to make it for their daycare, but it’s too far from my place to be able to get there on a weekday before work starts, and will not be able to pick Mango up on time after work. If not, he’d be a regular there I think!


Mango, Cobie, Cody, Crystal, Cookie, Duffy.

Paw Pet-radise opened their upstairs room for small parties/private bookings. We love it! Very comfy and cozy. Great for small parties.

Hunter / Cody / Crystal / Cobie / Mango / Echo / Nugget

We went to Marina Barrage again for another picnic! Thankful for good weather. More photos here.

Mango’s 6th Birthday

Mango turned 6 in September. Oh how time has flown by! It’s already the 4th birthday he has had celebrated with us. Made his cake again this year, as per previous years. Finally got the blue color from the dried Butterfly Pea flowers my colleague brought back from Cambodia.

Watermelon Dog

Small Cody, Waffles, Mango, Cobie

Sentosa day!

That tiny tongue ๐Ÿ˜›

Happy boy

Love the sky! If only it’s always like that when we go to the beach.

The second half of September was a mad rush to and from the vet, because Muffin had pretty bad constipation and had to be warded. My nights after work was shuttling to and fro the vet to visit her. It was tiring. And complicated. Thank goodness she’s okay now.

Firstly, she has mega-colon. Which leads to constipation. We had some mandatory renovation in the house in early September so we kind of misplaced her long term meds and missed a few doses. Then her constipation got worse. So we brought her to the vet, and had to have a manual evacuation done. After which, she had to be monitored at the vet. But she didn’t want to eat throughout her stay and after she got home, probably due to the amount of meds she had to take. But here’s the problem…. when cats don’t eat (especially fat cats), they getย fatty liver disease. =.= We first noticed it when we went back to the vet a week after for her review and the vet was like “oh she’s VERY yellow, almost orange!”…….. Urgent ultrasound done (belly shaved clean! haha!), slightly swollen liver confirmed. Hello more meds. So we had to make sure she ate. Anything is better than nothing. I think that was how I spent my Sept and Oct. It was tiring, but she’s fine now. Also, there’s a huge hole in my wallet now. *sigh*


Love his recall powers. Helps that he’s very sticky with me. โค

He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother~~~

Went with Eunice, Echo, Nugget and Mango to the Marina Bay Sand area to snap photos of the city lights and try to get a hang of my flash when using it outdoors at night. Not easy. Ended up forgoing it. Is there a course for this??? I really need help with it.


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Buddies for life #MangoTravels #ThierryTravels

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Traveled to South Korea and brought these tiny custom clay figurines of Mango, Thierry and Dozer from MyPawdora along! Sadly, one of Dozer’s arm broke. She said she’ll fix it for me though!

Went back to the Green Corridor again, this time with my siblings and Mango! Muddy dog was VERY muddy. He even sat in a puddle of mud. *sigh* but glad he’s happy getting dirty!

Tried taking videos with my GoPro and editing them with their new Quik app. I’m quite tempted to buy a stabiliser, but the prices…. oh my gawd. Just… no. So please make do with my shaky videos /o\ Haha.

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Very dirty, very happy.


@codytheshetland‘s mama organised a group outing to theย Tanjong Pagar Railway Stationย for a private session for us to take photos of the dogs! It’sย to be closed after the last open house on 25th Dec 2016 till some time in 2025 as a new MRT station is to be built…. behind? under? nearby? The building will be preserved though! Which is a good thing. But dogs will most likely not be allowed on the premises after it reopens. *sad*

Zappy / Cody / Small Cody / Jeff / Loki / Waffles / Spirit / Mango / Cobie / Kooky

Waiting for me โค

Love how he waited for me on the opposite side like some Korean drama scene.

Separated by a track – Photo: @_wafflesthesheltie

Like this! Hahaha.

Made another video! I’m still unsure how to edit things properly, but the app really helps out with video editing. Haha! More photos here.

Mango / Echo / Nugget

November marked the start of the Christmas light up on Orchard Road, and our (Mango/Echo?Nugget) yearly tradition to catch them lights (and photos)! 2014 photos here. 2015 photos here.

Made a mistake of going a little too late, we watched the lights at Tanglin Mall go off right as I was getting my camera out. *sigh* So we drove over to ION instead and got some photos taken!


Mango / Echo / Nugget

So we went again the following week to try again! Success! Got some photos out of this trip. The above is my favourite! โค

Thierry and Mango

Went a little mad with all the free printables you can find online for this home shoot. Also, Thierry and Mango are wearing matching #uglysweaters!

Muffin and a melting Snowball

The girls are the least cooperative ones.

Mango and Cody!

Attended “A White Christmas Party” hosted by some friends at Ah B Cafe with tons of prizes and stuff to be won!

Psst, Mango won best dressed with a collar and leash set + some anti-itch & insect repellant spray from Oh Pop Dog! Hahaha Thank you for picking the #uglysweater.

Also, unexpectedly, we won the 1st prize in the lucky draw!!!! *pops champagne* a 2d1n stay at Regent Hotel! Hohoho Merry Christmas indeed! Can’t wait! They’re dog friendly, so we’re going to go with Mango and Cobie on my birthday next month ๐Ÿ™‚ Such a timely gift!

I took quite a few photos and for once, I’m glad I did. Because, look at Mango! #biasedmum Hahaha!

Read more about the party from the organisers > Some White Cookie / Sam Forest Loo Lim / Vanillapup <
More photos from the party by me,ย here.

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3 musketeers who went for grooming today ๐Ÿ™†

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Then it was time to end the year with a grooming session for all 3. My wallet criedย that day. But it was worth it.

Crystal / Mango / Cobie / Cody

The year wouldn’t be completed without a trip to Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay! They even got a group photo with Santa this year. ๐Ÿ˜€ย More photos here. Check out the photos with Santa! Mango wasn’t very comfortable sitting with a strange man though, so he wasn’t very relaxed. ^^”

Mango ๐Ÿ˜€

This marks our 4th anniversary of having Mango home with us. I don’t have the habit of throwing a party,ย so it’s just us and family, like always.

This year & maybe from last year, I feel that he got more confident. He now runs after some dogs at the cafe or park if he spots someone he likes. Sometimes he embarrases me by trying to mount the other dog (just dig a hole for me already).ย He probably doesn’t know how to play properly with another dog. Something to work on for next year. But he’s not shy like last time and is visibly excited to meet new dogs! And the water fear is not that greatย anymore. Maybe he will one day swim on his own without me having to get into the water (#suchbigdreams).

Overall, I thank everyone for making our year pretty awesome and memorable. Here’s to many more!

Happy 4th Gotcha/Adoption Day, my (not so) little fruit!

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