Starting the New Year Right

Cobie, Mango, Thierry

On the 2nd day of the New Year, we decided to go on a picnic at Marina Barrage! We meaning – Me, Bf, Sis, Bro, Pw, Mango, Cobie and even Thierry! Okay maybe the last 3 didn’t have a say in the decision-making. ^^”

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Leap for the New Year!

Now that the leap year is over…

Resolutions/Aims for 2017 (for Mango):

  • To explore more of Singapore
  • To find more dog-friendly places
  • To learn more tricks
  • To get our Trick Dog title (Novice will do!)
  • To walk/jog more
  • To attend more TDS (Therapy Dog Singapore) sessions
  • Blog… regularly?

Thank you everyone for sticking around on our little journey.
Blessed New Year!