Starting the New Year Right

Cobie, Mango, Thierry

On the 2nd day of the New Year, we decided to go on a picnic at Marina Barrage! We meaning – Me, Bf, Sis, Bro, Pw, Mango, Cobie and even Thierry! Okay maybe the last 3 didn’t have a say in the decision-making. ^^”

Read on for more! Also, many pictures! But it’s worth it. 😀

Coincidentally, we were also there last year on this date for Kooky’s 7th birthday! Even our lunch after was at the exact same place.

This time last year.

This year round, we decided to bring Thierry the old man boss cat along since we had enough eyes and hands on board to watch them 3.

“What’s going on?”

“Where am I?”

*squinty eyes judging you*

The weather wasn’t particularly amazing with some dark clouds hovering above us, but the weather forecast said cloudy in the morning and showers in the afternoon. So we made some potato salad, egg mayo sandwiches, packed some cold drinks, bagged the kites and tumbled into the car at 8am in the morning. Anything for a picnic, right?

Mango and Marina Bay Sands in the background



Seconds before someone got hissed at

Old man


He definitely has my heart


There was no real breeze so the kites wouldn’t go up even after many tries. #sofail #weatheryudodis

Happy duo

It started drizzling after a while so we adjourned to the shelter with our picnic mats and started playing Cards Against Humanity. Hahaha. Not really a game to play in public though :X

The Motley Crew

Mango napped behind me while we were playing cards, while Cobie tried to walk all over the cards (“play with ME! Not the cards!!”), while Thierry looked out of his stroller and judged everyone.

After the picnic, it was time for lunch! We went to The Garden Slug. Coincidentally, we were there last year on the same date too! Also, with the same people! Sis left for lunch while the rest of us piled back into the car to go to TGS for lunch.

Curious Thierry

We were seated right outside their main door, so there was quite a bit of movement in and out of the cafe. Plus point! they served the dogs ice water! It was really much needed after the romp at Marina Barrage. We did bring iced water but it all melted over the period we were there.

Friendly Cowboy – resident cat.



I’ve been coming here once in awhile since a long time back. Food is really really good! It’s only because it’s located really far from home that we don’t go there regularly.

Keropok Ikan with Bahn Mi Dip ($7.90)

This was very awesome. Love the dip! And the keropok’s freshly fried! Makes for a good filler before the mains come. Doesn’t fill you up too much, but that’s okay because their mains are all of very… hearty sizes. Yum.

Diana’s Creamy Smoked Salmon Pasta ($17.90)

I always miss this smoked salmon pasta! Most times, I’m torn between ordering this and trying something new. I had the Aporkalypse Burger the last time, so smoked salmon pasta this time!

Smokehouse Ribeye Steak ($23.90)

Mmmmhmmm. The beer-braised gravy on top of juicy, tender steak. I’m hungry already. Bf had this for his main.

Elsie’s Umami Marmite Pasta ($15.60)

Pw’s Marmite pasta topped with bacon tempura. I think she had this every single time she came so far. Hahahaha.

Regular Pepper Ribeye Steak Burger ($23.90)

Bro’s burger. This comes in half size ($19.50) too! But seriously, why order half when you can get this monster? I think I shared this with Bro last year, but WHY SHARE, right?? So juicy, so yummy.

I need to go back there again soon.

The Garden Slug (Website | Facebook)

Address: 55 Lorong L Telok Kurau
#01-59/61 Bright Centre
Singapore 425500

Tel: 8688 8575

Opening hours: *updated 19/5/17
Mon & Tue: 6pm – 10pm
Wed – Fri: 11am – 10pm
Sat & Sun: 9am – 10pm

Human food only. Limited sheltered seating along walkway.

Edit 8/2/17: They serve dog-friendly food now! Check it out here.

Spacious public carpark. Gantry (Cashcard) parking.

“Can you stop ranting about food? What about me?”


Happy New Year!

Hope this marks a great start to our year! Happy New Year!

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