Dog-friendly Staycation – Regent Hotel & Dinner at The Green Door

Let the party begin!

Last December, we got lucky during A White Christmas Party! We won a prize for a 2 day 1 night stay at Regent Singapore. Really lucky as that was our first time winning anything at a lucky draw HAHAH.

Regent Singapore is one of the few pet-friendly hotels in Singapore. Guess how excited I was!! Also, my birthday was coming up soon so it was really just in time! Booked us in for the weekend during my birthday weekend in January and off we went 🙂

Read on for more details about our weekend! *picture heavy post* 

Lucky us!

The voucher says “buffet breakfast at Basilico” but we got it changed to match their Pet Staycation package to the “In-room dining Hearty Breakfast” instead as we didn’t want to leave them in the room. Dolcetto by Basilico serves Italian coffee and pastries and has a pet-friendly alfresco area, but we didn’t try it out during our short stay.

Checking in / Complimentary parking ticket

Regent’s hotel policy allows for 1 dog of under 15kg or 2 dogs under 7kg , but as Mango and Cobie are of a combined 15kg, we contacted the hotel and checked with them. Lucky they said okay!

*Please check with the hotel directly if your dog(s) is/are above the stated weight(s).

FYI, the hotel has complimentary parking for guests. Simply approach the Concierge before leaving the hotel for a complimentary parking ticket and they will ask for your room number and verification before giving you a per exit ticket. Pretty good as we wouldn’t want to rely on cabs because of the dogs, and parking is expensive. Makes everything more convenient for us!

Deluxe Room

Room was spacious but we both feel that the arrangement was a little odd. Maybe it was to create more space for the dogs? Because the bed was facing the window, the TV was on the right of the bed whereas in a normal hotel room, the bed would probably be facing the TV instead. That made TV-watching a little neck straining though. But all’s well because… more floor space! Why not, right?

Cake and cards!

So adorable. I got a birthday cake! (It was yummy!) And a card! And!!! The dogs got a card too! With hand drawn cartoon versions of them. Really love the welcoming touch.

Bathroom with L’Occitane toiletries

The bathroom came with a bathtub but I didn’t plan to wash the dogs because… why would I want to spend my whole day drying them with the usual hotel hairdryer? Hahaha. It was rather tempting to use a bathtub on them actually. But the amount of fur… I’d rather not clog the tub. ^^”

“We’re not getting baths, right?”

So instead of giving them baths, I took photos instead. Hahaha. Mango was really serious. Probably thought I was really going to wash him.

Dog beds / Care pack / Cake + Cards / Dog walking map of the area / Doggy In-room dining menu

The care pack came with:

  • 2 pee pads (I think because we have 2 dogs. I’m not sure how many peepads are inside normally)
  • 2 packs of treats
  • 2 packs of wet dog food
  • 2 toys
    • Mango has taken to those toys, weirdly enough because he doesn’t really play with toys but he took these out of his toy box frequently.
  • Dog walking map of the area
  • In-room doggy dining menu

My overnight bag that had more dog stuff than human stuff

Things I packed for the dogs:

  • Collar/harness with leashes
  • Toys
  • Peepads
    • In case the hotel didn’t provide or didn’t have enough. We used about 4-5 because Cobie kept peeing on them. Mango didn’t want to use any and preferred to do his business outdoors.
  • Poop bags
  • Food
    • I’m a paranoid owner. I’d rather bring my own food so the dogs don’t get too much a change from their usual routine. But if you don’t mind, you could just order from their room service!
    • There’s a refrigerator in the room if you need to keep their food in one.
  • Treats (a lot of treats)
  • Camera!
    • Okay this is more for me than for them.


The dog beds were a nice touch though they both didn’t sleep in them. Hahahaha. Also, the entire room was carpeted like most hotel rooms, which made us really paranoid that one of them might pee on the carpet. Thankfully, no mishaps. *phew*

A serious dog and a silly dog

Mango had 2 expressions during the stay: Serious or Sleepy. He’s quite wary of new places and heights (the bed was really tall), but surprisingly slept in the bed, which he doesn’t do at home (maybe because he couldn’t get off?).

Cobie, on the other hand, was completely at home. She’s totally at ease in new places and loved the bed.

We lazed around in the hotel after checking in because the sun was unforgiving. It was one of the hottest weekends. Good weather, yes. But “too good” of a weather…. no thanks. Initially, I planned to bring them to the Botanic Gardens nearby before dinner but the scorching sun killed our plans. We only left the room after the sun set instead.

Headed to Dempsey Hill for dinner. We heard that Open Farm Community is dog-friendly, so I wanted to try it but they were full for the night. Didn’t realise that they were that popular! We should come back and try one day.

Dinner at The Green Door

Tried our luck at The Green Door next and got us seats! It’s more like a place for before/after dinner drinks. But they do serve food and BBQ items.

We had:

  • BBQ Spicy Cajun Chicken – $24
    • It’s really… just a chicken chop ^^” It’s not bad but I don’t think it’s worth it.
  • Moroccan chicken with Green Onions Pizza – $18
    • This is not bad, but I didn’t like the green onions
  • Beef Chilli Cheese Fries – $14
    • This is really tasty and really worth it! We couldn’t even finish it between us both.

Service wise, the staff were really nice and gave the dogs a bowl of iced water. There were other dogs there too and the atmosphere was quite chill. We had a nice time there 🙂 I would recommend maybe coming by after dinner to chill out.

The Green Door (Website | Facebook)

Address: 13A Dempsey Road
Singapore 247694

Tel: 6776 0777

Opening hours:
Mon – Thur: 5am – 12am
Eve of PH, PH, Fri & Sat: 5pm – 1am
Sun: 1pm – 12am

Human food only. Alfresco dining

Spacious public carpark. Free parking!


Went back to the hotel after dinner and played with them. Cobie really loved the toys hahaha. Lucky Mango isn’t that obsessed over toys or there’ll be a fight. :X

HAHAHA. We couldn’t resist doing this. :X


Mango and his sleepy faces. He was rather comfortable in the bed! ❤


Her expressions are super cute. Plus she liked cuddling.


A relaxed dog = best time for photos. Hahah. All those sleepy faces

Awkward duo


Bf said he didn’t sleep well at all because Cobie kept waking up frequently. And there was once Mango barked in the middle of the night and he got up to shush him. While I slept like a log. ^^” I guess having cats do train you to be a deep sleeper (dead to the world actually).

That faccceeeee. How can you even bear to get out of bed like that??? We played around with the curtains before going out for a short walk outside the hotel for Mango to do his business. The area is so nice and quiet in the morning. Came back to the hotel for breakfast!

Hearty breakfast for 2

The breakfast was really yummy and too much for us 2! Couldn’t finish all the breads though. And the tiny jam jars are super cute (and yummy).

Breakfast for me?

Watched some more TV after breakfast and checked out after.

Checking out!

Everyone, from staff to guests, was friendly to the dogs (and us haha). Service was really good and for a weekend, it felt like we weren’t in Singapore (or at least for me). Hahaha. I don’t mind coming back again with the dogs but I don’t think bf can sleep in peace. :X

Our thoughts:

Pros –

  • Pet-friendly (obviously)
  • No extra charges for pets
    • Some hotels do have extra charges for cleaning
  • Very friendly staff
  • In-room breakfast was yummy
  • Free Parking
  • Near Botanic Gardens and Dempsey Hill

Cons –

  • Carpeted rooms
    • I worry about them peeing on the carpet. #thehorror
  • Bed is too tall
    • Because Mango jumped off the bed. #paranoid
  • TV is in an awkward position

Overall, there are definitely more pros than cons. And I enjoyed my short weekend escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

What? The weekend is over already?

Thank you Regent Hotel for the wonderful weekend. 😀

*All thoughts and opinions are completely my own and no part of this post is sponsored other than the fact that the stay was won from a lucky draw.

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