Mango is my first dog after wanting a dog for the most part of my life. This blog will serve as a platform to document his journey with me/us (my family) and our 3 existing cats. I will try to record about his training (tricks, mostly), his fur problems from a long haired dog, dog café-hopping and dog-friendly outdoor escapades. I try to bring Mango wherever I go, so I tend to look for places that are dog-friendly. So while learning more about Mango and maybe more of Singapore with this fluffball I call my dog, I will try to document all these here in this little space.

About Mango the Sheltie / Shetland Sheepdog

Mango is a male sable/white Sheltie from Australia (probably a puppy mill, but more on that later), given up by his previous owners who wanted to send him to SPCA because they didn’t want him anymore at the age of 2years 3months when I adopted him. Prior to adoption, he was housed in a relative’s kitchen for an unknown period of time. Born on 23 Sept 2010, adopted on 28 Dec 2012.

Please stick around and enjoy your stay in this little space of ours!

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