Mango’s Meatloaf Cake

Meatloaf Cake

So I made a cake for Mango for his 4th birthday. I think I overdid it as it was huge. And he had cake for his dinnerĀ for 4 days straight, and that was only 1/3 of the cake because the rest I brought it to the outing on Sunday. I’m assuming this cake can probably feed say…. 10 or more medium sized dogs during a barkday party? Since you don’t feed a full meal from a cake to dogs during a party…

Entire recipe was based on gut feeling! And instructions are my own (with thoughts about my methods used). So feel free to adjust according to your own needs! It’s my first time making a bigger cake and trying to bake it (steamed his cake last year).

Actually, technically, this isn’t really a recipe. Just some notes on how I made the cake. I think the process could be streamlined better? I should probably attempt this again with an easier way to make this.

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Mango Turns 4!

Happy 4th birthday, Mango!

Today, Mango turns 4! Amazing how time flies. And it felt like yesterday when we celebrated his 3rd birthday.

Top view of cake

So, I made him a cake like last year’s but bigger. And a little different. But still a cake. Will put up the recipe soon! (Update: Recipe here)

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My 3rd Birthday in 2013

It’s my birthday!!

Mango’s first time celebrating his birthday with us last year (Sept 2013)! But did it alone at home cos we didn’t have many dog friends and Echo and Nugget’s mummy was overseas.
Made a little cake for him. By cake, it’s not a regular flour and icing cake. More like a meat ‘cake’. And I made too much. Should never underestimate the amount of meat S$5 can buy you.