Gourmet Dog Food from Wagging Rights

Signature jute bag full of goodness!

I’ve been feeding Mango on a half homecooked food diet for his daily meals for a few months now. Kibbles in the morning (half portion) and cooked food in the evening (half portion). Normally I’d prepare about 20 days’ worth of portions and freeze them. This takes me approximately 4 hours to slice/dice/mince/blend/cook/portion.

This is where Wagging Rights come in! I’ve bought meals from them 4 times now, of portions that can last Mango between 20-30 days. Each pack is 200g of sealed goodness. Mango takes half a pack for dinner, so each pack lasts him 2 dinners! This link might help you to calculate how much your dog might need to eat. I halve it because Mango’s still on kibbles for breakfast.

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Online Pet Store: KohePets

Screenshot of Kohepet’s landing page and point system

So…. I went online shopping at Kohepets. This has got to be one of my vices. Online shopping is so easy! Just add to cart, check them out and wait for them to appear at your doorstep! It’s like receiving presents! (that I paid for HAHA)

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Dog Toy Review: Foobler!

The kind angels at Nekojam kindly gifted Mango a Foobler for a review! And if you have a timid dog, I think this will help you!

If you haven’t heard of this awesome product, it’s

“A self-reloading puzzle feeder for your dog with a real bell that challenges, stimulates and feeds your dog for up to 9 hours.”


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