Rolling Hills and Racing Hearts

Together with Sis, we went on a little exploratory trip! Canterbury Road, Alexandra Arch, Forest Walk, Hort Park, Ah B Cafe in a day!

Saw a picture that stuck with me for awhile here. Mentioned this to @lifewithlycanlexie’s mama and here’s their take on it. I’ve been procrastinating the trip there because of various reasons, but one day, Sis was like “let’s go somewhere!”. And thus we went to explore!

Rolling hills

Really love this scene! Something we don’t get to see much of in land-scarce Singapore. If only we have more of such large expanse of greenery.

Read on for more! *Warning: Picture heavy post!*

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Green Corridor Walk with Shelties!

L-R: Summer, Zappy, Kooky, Waffles, Spirit, Lulu, Mango

Being no stranger to walks along The Green Corridor, this time (last month 🙄) we brought new friends there! One way to keep fit with your dog, is to walk regularly! Walking the same route everyday gets boring. Why not spice it up with a once awhile long walk with some friends in a new environment? Yes, please!

Past entries here and here, with some not blogged about.

So we gathered some Sheltie owners + friends for a little get-together!

Total distance: Approx 4km

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Sun, Sand, Sea

We (Sis and I) brought Mango to the beach 2 Sundays in a row! Bringing a fluffy dog to the beach is a huge headache. Also, on this little island Singapore, there aren’t many clean enough dog-friendly beaches! We frequent Tanjong Beach at Sentosa, a little island off our main island. Sentosa is full of fun themed attractions, spa retreats, resort accomodations, etc. But for us, we go there for the dog-friendly beach! There are 3 beaches, but Tanjong Beach is the most dog-friendly and with lowest human traffic.

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Dog-Friendly – Canopy @ Bishan Park

Brunch Menu

2 weekends ago, Sis and I brought the little fluffball out to brunch! Canopy Garden Dining at Bishan Park had only recently completed their renovation works! The outdoor seating was pretty spacious, though it was mad hot/humid that day, so I would have appreciated it more if the fans were blowing at us directly. We were shaded! So it wasn’t toooo bad. Continue reading

Island Hopping: Coney Island on board Pet Cruise!

When you’re stuck on a little island country called Singapore, where she’s not 100% dog-friendly, you soon run out of things to do or places to go with your dog.

That’s what happens to us, which is why we are always on the hunt for something new to do together (human and dog)! I jumped at the chance of taking Pet Cruise (Website|Facebook)! Specially catered to owners and their canine companions to do something a little different! The other time we got onto a boat was to go island hopping, but that was with the general public, who may or may not like dogs (thankfully we met nice people that day). No fear of that happening on the Pet Cruise!

Welcome aboard!

The private boat can take up to 10 passengers, dogs counted as 1 passenger each. We went with LifewithLycanLexie (4pax), SomeWhiteCookie (2pax), Weliveinaflat (2pax) and us (2pax). And we have 10 passengers! Perfect!

Once we decided on the date and time, we contacted Pet Cruise for a confirmation and the day came to set sail! Much thanks to Pet Cruise for the discounted rate. Boat is docked at a Marina Country Club’s jetty in Punggol. Also, you have to choose the location of where you would like to sail to from their list of destinations. We picked Coney Island because it isn’t opened to the general public yet, so it will be an empty stretch of beach! Would like to go somewhere else next, hopefully (to explore everywhere)!

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