@DogsofInstaSG at Punggol Settlement & Happenstance Cafe


We had our first official @DogsofInstaSG meetup 2 Sundays ago at Punggol Settlement! Hazel from LifewithLycanLexie has been bringing them to Punggol Point/Settlement/Jetty (too many names, don’t know which is correct) over the previous few weekends and we decided to hold a meetup there!

We all rented some form of transport from the 2 shops there at Punggol Settlement. One shop has regular bicycles and tricycles with large baskets, the other has some exercise scooter thing. Please check out weliveinaflat for the different kinds of transport and prices.

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My first birthday party invite: Cookie’s 2nd Birthday!


For the first time in my life, I got invited to a doggie birthday party!! How eggciting! SomeWhiteCookie‘s mummy invited us to his birthday party! He’s turning 2 soon, and it’s his first time spending his birthday with his mummy! Went to the Marina Barrage for the party!

Much running!

The birthday boy, Cookie!! So handsome!

Actually, first time meeting everyone there other than Donna (@weliveinaflat), whom I only met yesterday. Everyone’s (dogs) on Instagram! That’s how we met. Like online dating, eh? Haha. But everyone was nice!! And we all sounded like old friends already. HAHAHAHA. Time to spam photos!! Glad mummy brought her camera to snap photos of us all.

The wind in my hair. And a pretty bowtie from Echo and Nugget’s mummy from long ago, but first time wearing it! Think I will wear it more often now. Hehehe.
 Me on the left and Keisha (@shiro_keisha) on the right! Such a pretty and feisty lady!

AHAHAHAH this Donna (@weliveinaflat) and Kanon (@kanon_boy) are hilarious. They kept chasing each other playing and mummy snapped this. While I watched safely from the sidelines, behind mummy.

Me again on the left with Lucky (@chocbanaa) on the right. Handsome young man!
Kooky (@kookysheltie) and his mama on the right, whose birthday is coming soon!


Lexie and Lycan doing the chase

Lycan and Lexie (@lycanlexie) soon arrived and much more chasing ensued!! But after awhile we had to go back on leash cos the security guard kept hovering by… But we didn’t disturb anyone and we were far far from the crowds!! And we didn’t even wander off. Everyone was well-behaved!! Anyway dogs have to be leashed here.. So take note.

Lucky and Donna with doggles on her head! I want a pair too!

Gift for Cookie!

Shared gift for Cookie with Donna! Hehe. Hope he likes it!!

Picture perfect couple.

Arranging the dogs.

Next, the pawrents tried doing something crazy. They attempted to get all 12 of us to take a group photo!

Some of the humans were behind some of us to hold us while some were taking pictures. Ehhh. Since mama was alone…. I decided to keep jumping off the bench!

Credits: weliveinaflat

Everyone’s ready except me…. Hehehehe.

Group photo!

So we finally finally got a group photo!!!

From left to right: Lycan and Lexie @lycanlexie > Mango @mangothesheltie > Donna @weliveinaflat > Lucky @chocbanaa > Birthday Boy Cookie @somewhitecookie > Paris @parislepetite > Kooky @kookysheltie > Lucky @lucky_pat > Kanon @kanon_boy > Shiro and Keisha @shiro_keisha

All the Instagram doggies =D Go follow them all!

Kooky and I! 


Pretty Paris! Love her tail! Can I dye mine too mama?

Happy Barkday Cookie!

Hope you had fun today!!! Let’s do this again soon!!!