The Green Corridor on National Day

Errrr. Yes I do realise it’s almost the end of the month. 😡 and this outing was done on the 9th of August, National Day in Singapore! Woke up bright and early and headed to The Green Corridor! Read about our first time here! This time, I organised a meet up with the nice group of people we met from Instagram. Reached there at about 8.15am. Was supposed to reach at 8am. 😡

Hurry hurry hurry!!!

Map from

Above is my super simple map from The Green Corridor with my doodles to let everyone know where to meet and hour walking route. Approximately a 3km walk but we took about 2.5 hours to complete? With all the dogs and phototaking. Hehe.

L>R: @somewhitecookie / @chara_means_joy / Me / @weliveinaflat / @kookysheltie / Summer

Group photo right before the walk! Only managed to snap this using my phone as I was holding onto too many things. Hahaha.

What most of the route looked like

Most of the route was a dry dirt track, quite well shaded from the sun. A joy to walk along in the morning!


Although some parts were muddy as shown above… And we had muddy dogs and humans after. Donna and Summer didn’t care if they got muddy paws or not! Come let’s go!!!

Mr Muddy Paws

Chara the pretty girl

Some parts off the track is actually deep vegetation, so please watch your dog as Chara actually fell into some deep drain that was covered in vegetation and needed help to get out. But otherwise, we had our dogs offleashed here! It’s fun because the route is really straightforward (either walk down the trail or go the opp direction), so it’s not easy to lose your dog. Unless he runs off and doesn’t return on command.


Mr Fluffball

The dogs all seemed really at ease with each other during the walk. Really happy they all got along well with each other!

Donna the sprinter

Met other dogs along the trail and generally people bring dogs that are well-socialised? (In my opinion) Because if your dog isn’t well-socialised… there’s going to be a problem when you meet other dogs that are off-leashed and friendly and wanting to sniff your dog (whether on or off-leashed).

And thus, we finally reached the old Bukit Timah Railway Station! I think we took about 1hr 15mins to reach here, but we stopped for some time to take photos so the whole journey did take longer.

Cookie and his mama

Conserved railway station with tracks

The train station itself with the tracks before it is conserved. It also makes a good photo spot. =D

Happy dogs

Chara / Mango / Donna / Cookie

Summer / Kooky / Chara / Mango / Donna / Cookie

Group photo!! So adorable, all of them sitting there. Hehehehe.

My own model


Chara / Mango

Mango wants to be the damsel in distress

Kind of how he tells me he doesn’t want to walk anymore….. But Mango, we still have to go back the way we came!!

Furry bums

Muddy paws

Donna: “I must check this out first!”

Another conserved location just 2mins walk away from the station. It’s a bridge over Dunearn Road / Bukit Timah Road, used by trains but not in use any more and conserved!


Chara the pretty girl

Kooky and Summer!

Kooky: “Mango, what are you doing?” Mango: “Can’t you see I’m trying to show my mama how much I *can’t* walk any more?”

Walked back after taking pictures and no pictures of the way back! Because we already took too many. Hahaha. But all in all, Mango and I had fun with so many people this time round! Tired dogs are happy dogs!

I wonder if we could organise our own “dog walk” here. Hehehe.

Muddy paws and happy smile


Dog Cafe – Happenstance Cafe

Happenstance Cafe

Happenstance Cafe (Facebook Page)

Update 2016: The management at Happenstance has since changed, and the last time we went back, the service and food was really very bad. Will not recommend. 😦

Address: 35 Opal Crescent, Singapore 328425

Tel: 6341 7871

Opening hours:
Mon – Tue: 12:00 – 22:00
Thu – Fri: 12:00 – 22:00
Sat – Sun: 11:00 – 22:00
Closed on Wednesdays
Please check their FB page before going.

Human food and dog food.

Challenging. Parallel parking along a one way road.

Finally here after hearing so many people rave about this place! Mama kept putting off coming here because she always checks location via Google Maps (because she isn’t an extremely confident driver) and found out it’s near a busy expressway junction she tries to avoid all the time. Also, no nearby carpark!! Parallel parking =( So we didn’t come by until Monday this week. Weekday nights!!! It means no crowd!


Came here with little Cobie (see her white furry butt?) and Pillow! While waiting for Pillow to arrive we went ahead to snap some photos first! The ambience was pretty good, place is long with ample seating, and there’s a big enough space for us to run around. Though it does get pretty narrow near the back. And I did spy some sofa seating at the back! There’s also a pail and mop to clean up after your dogs.


Handsome me. Thank you. Now where’s my food? Mama likes that they serve desserts (ie cake), because sometimes she doesn’t want to have a full meal and just want some desserts instead of finger food… (fussy mama)


It wasn’t crowded (obviously on a Monday night)… There was another family celebrating their Shih Tzu’s birthday! Happy doggy running around. Hehe.

Beef Meatballs

Happy dog

So Pillow and entourage came (3 humans to one small little Pillow LOL). Her humans ordered her a Create Your Own Fur Kid pasta.

Pillow’s own customised pasta! ($7.00)

Create Your Own Fur Kid Menu
– Chonchiglie (shells) pasta
– Dory Fish
– Carrots
– Zucchini

Looks good! Though they did forget her order until her human realised that all their food came except for Pillow’s and they also got the zucchini wrong (I think they ordered broccoli).

Pillow’s hungry face

Hey humans… where’s my food?!

Lover’s Rose Tea ($5.50)

Mama likes this tea but says you shouldn’t let it steep for too long, or it becomes too acidic. Hopefully they have some calming kind of tea like chamomile/mint next time? Instead of black tea/berry tea/rose tea. But pretty good for a potful to share!

Golden Beer-battered Fish&Chips ($13.90)

Papa’s fish&chips which were good! Obviously I didn’t get to eat it but it was good according to him.

Create Your Own Pasta ($8.90)

Something interesting… Pillow’s mama ordered this! Something like Pillow’s food, where you pick your own pasta combinations… I wonder if there is a combination that actually tastes bad?

Me and my dehydrated chicken from home

Cobie fluffy pom

Happy dog is happy

I had fun walking around and exploring a new place. Would actually love to come back again if mama braves the crazy traffic and parallel parking. Overall a good place to chill out with your doggy friends!