Dressing the dogs

Cobie the pretty girl.

Sometimes I kind of wished I had a smaller dog. It’s so much easier to get clothes for dogs in smaller sizes. But I wouldn’t trade Mango for anything. Still, I could try to get some clothes in Mango-size somehow! Or dress my friends’ dogs. HAHA!

“Erm help please? I’m getting eaten”

Found a lion outfit that could fit Mango at Paw Pet-radise Cafe! They’re carrying some of the outfits by  Dressapets, a local dog clothing store. Currently, Paw Pet carries some sizing for larger dogs! Didn’t see any when I searched Dressapets’ online store though.

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Happy 2nd Gotcha/Adoption Day!

Another year has gone by in the blink of an eye. As of today, I’ve had Mango for 2 years!! Wow.

Okay, the year in pictures. Also, this serves as a summary for Mango’s entire year! #justnice



Mango started getting fluffier this year. Like “POOF”! Last year, he was just growing out that short coat from when I got him. This year, I think his fur has pretty much reached it’s peak. So…. 2 years to get back a Sheltie’s fur if you shave it down? I didn’t shave him, his previous family did. Technically it wasn’t a shave…? It was just really really short.

Fur progress

Last year, we started with the above photo. This year, the bottom photo. Quite an improvement when you compare them side by side, yes?

There’s a ton of photos for the whole year, so click on and load them all! You’ve been warned!

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Wordless Wednesdays #11 – Christmas Eve

Someone’s excited!

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Dog Toy Review: Foobler!

The kind angels at Nekojam kindly gifted Mango a Foobler for a review! And if you have a timid dog, I think this will help you!

If you haven’t heard of this awesome product, it’s

“A self-reloading puzzle feeder for your dog with a real bell that challenges, stimulates and feeds your dog for up to 9 hours.”


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