Green Corridor Walk with Shelties!

L-R: Summer, Zappy, Kooky, Waffles, Spirit, Lulu, Mango

Being no stranger to walks along The Green Corridor, this time (last month 🙄) we brought new friends there! One way to keep fit with your dog, is to walk regularly! Walking the same route everyday gets boring. Why not spice it up with a once awhile long walk with some friends in a new environment? Yes, please!

Past entries here and here, with some not blogged about.

So we gathered some Sheltie owners + friends for a little get-together!

Total distance: Approx 4km

*Warning: Picture heavy post. But Shelties ahead! 😉

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Happy to go out for long walks!

Hi Wafflesssss

These “gatherings” help us meet new dogs and owners where there’s constant movement, the dogs are less likely to break out into a fight because they’re too intent on walking/exploring. The larger expanse of space also gives everyone some personal space.

Wide open spaces


Us owners can arrange ourselves to chat with each other up and down the line to get to know each other better too. With walks like these, there’s a purpose. Rather than being in a cafe. I’d very much love to do this very often! But the dirt that comes with these activities… 😰 Still, it’s good that we go out for longer walks than the usual along this untouched greenery. It’s not everyday you can find something like that in Singapore.

Iconic Station Sign

We’re here!

Love how his fur has grown

After multiple stops for water breaks, we reached the “mid-point” at this conserved railway station! Time for water and photo break.


Hi Lulu! The camera’s here!



Waffles loves Mango’s ears 😅


Sheltie Overload

Met another Sheltie along the way and everyone became sniffing monsters. Hahahaha.

Hiding from the Sun

Made our way back and everyone went home to wash their dirty dogs! 😂 #fluffydogproblems

Hope you enjoyed this post! 🎉

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